I'm Aiming For Beautiful Bare Skin

Yes, make up can make you look gorgeous... but the real secret is all in your Skin Care!

This is me working/modelling and fully made up. Of course it looks beautiful, there's like a tonne of make up on my face! Everyone can look great with the right make up.

However, a beautiful face shouldn't be one that is just beautiful with make up on, it should be beautiful when it is bare as well... and that is what I'm striving for!

This is me at night (a few hours later), heading home. I am exhausted! (no kidding!)

The last thing I want to do after a hard day at work is have to wrestle the make up off my face and have to go through an elaborate routine before I can sleep!

But sleeping with make up on (especially thick make up from a shoot!) is a recipe for disaster skin!!!

If you're one of those who just washes your face with cleanser then goes to bed... it's just as bad as sleeping with make up on! Your make up has more staying power than you imagine! Residual make up on our face will clog your pores.

Please use a make up remover. I use the ettusais Gentle Make Off ($36)

I love that it's easy to use. I press the pump 3 times, spread it across my face and then splash it off with cool water. It rinses off easily and doesn't have an oily after feel. It's very gentle on my skin as it blends with water and makeup instantly, forming a cushion so that it is frictionless.
As I have dry skin, it's important to use a good make up remover that will not dry out my skin and yet will remove make up effectively. I cannot double cleanse as it strips my skin of moisture (no one should double cleanse! It's a sin!).

After removing make up, I prepare my skin for moisture absorbtion with the Version Up Extra, and then I use my Emollient Supplizer ($41). It's a very emollient moisturiser that is absorbed easily by my skin and leaves no sticky feeling.

This helps maintain moisture balance in my skin and makes it more resistant to acne bacteria as well as external stresses, (like cholrine from the pool). This moisturiser also softens surface cells, and this keeps skin healthy and not dull looking. My dry skin used to always flake around the chin and mouth area but now everything seems more balanced and normalised.

I may not have perfect skin yet.. but it sure has improved vastly over the last 1 year plus! I love the feeling of my bare skin. :)

Pop down to any ettusais counters to get skin care products specially suited to your skin type and lifestyle.


  1. Anonymous4:04 am

    lol it's not 100% bare is it? I cld still see ur eyebrow liner on. :p

  2. no no.. it's bare. u mean at the tail end of the eyebrow right?? I took a look at the pic again to see wat u were talkin abt.

    but nope, it's bare, i cleansed then took this pic.

    But anyway... even if I did draw my eyebrows ( which I didn't as my drawns ones are VERY nice, if i do say so myself.. lol)... it's like damn anal of you to be so nitty gritty and pick it out IMHO... not as if i put on foundation and sid my skin was bare

  3. Anonymous11:39 am

    but i think your skin looked better in the post u recently linked, about your outing with your students at earle swensens! you were so fresh faced in those pics!

  4. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Oh My, Why are the grapes so obviously sour in here?

  5. Anonymous4:26 am

    anon 4:04 here. Nah, not bitching just saying, more like a careless and casual comment, certainly not a SOUR GRAPE or indicating hj's a liar. Geez. Maybe it's da lighting or my failing eyes, i saw the second half of your eyebrow's in brown that's why. :p yea yea yea, anal but hey it's super zoomed man so yea can't help it!

  6. Anonymous11:11 am

    I like this MU remover HJ! Thanks for the recommend!

  7. Anonymous8:11 pm

    hi Holly

    after u use the Emollient Supplizer ($41). and since its a moisturiser do you still use Aqua Shooter Extra (Moisturizing)?

  8. actually the emollient supplizer is somethin to be used after the Aqua Shooter Extra (Moisturizing)... just use on the bits where u get very dry areas.


    I use the emmolient as a full face moisturiser (may not suit everyone.. but i have dry skin so it's good for me this way). so i don use the aqua shooter extra (moisturising) anymore.

  9. Hello!
    Do you still cleanse with perhaps pore wash after gentle make off? Is the latter enough to have our skin cleaned and easy for skincare ? Thanks !

  10. when i use gentle make off. I skip my regular cleanser. Just the make off alone ie enough


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