Hey! It's Time fot Sunday Lemmings!

My Orly and China Glaze nail polishes from the Bellouna spree came yesterday! I can't wait to try them out.. not using it just yet as I don't want to wipe of the french tips I painted on Thursday. I also have filmocanes (?) .. so I'm going to stick those on too... (soon... soon)

If you missed the spree, you can still get Intock OPI/ChinaGlaze/ORLY nail polishes over here - http://www.bellouna.com/nailpolishes.htm


Capi-sonne. This is what I've been drinking the past week.. addicted. I remember having them as a child.. then they disappeared (along with Icee .. remember? tht Polar Bear frozen drink like a slurpee, at the basement of parkway... No??? I must have been 5 years old at the time..)
Major lemmings for this gown at iROO (Marina Bay Sands)... but like there's a reserve list for it... it's so enchantingly elegant!!

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  1. Anonymous1:42 pm

    oh.. wow.. tht's a nice dress

  2. Anonymous9:08 pm

    hi holly, what are iRoo's prices like? comparable to which brands?

  3. well.. I think it's slightly higher than zara and mango.. but their pieces are very exclusive ( a few pieces for each item), not mass produced like Zara and Mango.

    For instance that light green dress I like is $240plus.
    I have a HUGE pink leather tote bag ( show my readers soon!) which was $259. And the tshirts (cute designs) are abt $60.

    Short dresses 80 to 100plus.

  4. girl with the raggedy nails12:29 pm

    Did you paint those french tips yourself???? They look so well done!

  5. Hello Holly!

    Can you do a video of you doing french tips!

    Been wanting to learn , but i cant seems to paint the white part, do you have any tips for it!


  6. Yes.. i always paint my nails myself... french tips are easy.

    I dont use anything special. just need a steady hand ( support the wrist on the table or something) and then the white tips I do are exactly the width of the nailpolish brush.

    I do it from one corner towards the middle, then the other corner towards the middle. Thin layer, not thick gunky one. usually 2 layers ( initial layer must dry first).


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