DIY Rag Bracelets

All you need are scraps of cloth and know how to braid/plait. You can vary the thickness, mix colours or do it in one colour.
Watch my short video how to:

The possibilities are endless.. you can use the same process to make belts, headbands.. etc :)


On a side note... I just realised.. I've been a full time blogger for 2 years now! :)
I really wasn't 100% sure when I resigned from my previous career whether I would be able to make this blogging thing work. But I am doing well... and my life has been mostly fabulous the past 2 years. Absolutely no regrets.

For new readers who don't know... I used to be a Seconday School English teacher. About my life choice and resignation here.

And read about my last day of the last school term for me... Good Golly, Miss Holly.
I do miss standing in my classroom and getting excited with my brood of 40... but I hope that I still inspire and teach them about life through my blog now, instead of from behind the textbook. *hugs*

Women Test Men (if you haven't read this article of mine about the various tests women spring on the men they're dating)

and if you're young, love animation and have a story to tell, there's an N.E.Mation contest going on where you can win a trip to Dreamworks in USA ( see banner on top for more details).


  1. Anonymous11:49 am

    wow..i just noticed u have super long and slender fingers.

  2. Anonymous1:21 pm

    holly, in the TNP article you said that teaching was crippling your personal life? can u elaborate how? i am quite interested in teaching but i wouldn't want my personal life crippled! :(

  3. Anonymous3:17 pm

    wow! congrats to your 2 years blogging amd more to come!

    keep it up and let the ball rolling!

  4. Anonymous8:32 pm

    why do you keep looking to the side in the video? is someone standing there? also, did you tattoo your eyebrows? and you're getting skinner's evident from your sharp pointed chin...

  5. Happy 2 (Blogging) Years old :)


  6. wondergirl3:02 am

    Hi Holly, you look really gorgeous! like better than before! Did u do the brow embroidery thingy? Ur brows frame your face perfectly! nice accessory. (: and I really like ur shorts! lol. where did u get them?? =D

  7. @ anon 11.49- thnx (mostly nails me thinks!)

    @anon1.21- stifling. attire. Not just in school but outside as well, in your personal day to day life. tattoos are bad. coloured tights under your (knee length) skirt is a no-no too... i was told one day tht it was too "trendy".. I mean not as if I was wearing a mini skirt... I am a reasonable person.

    then there's no real holidays.. always got all sorts of camp and duties during the hols. And if ur single.. even better, u get all the over night camp duties... and weekends too if ur lucky to be in charge of a uniform grp like I was... because single ppl are thought to have no life i guess.

    If ur efficient and finish tasks/ responsibilities fast and well.. then even better u get the honours of doing other people's tasks too.. while they get paid higher cos they been there longer.

    :) which is all good if u want to be married to ur job and you like the bragging rights of managing a large portfolio in school .. but for me, my life comes first.

  8. @anon3.17- thanks!

    @anon 8.32 - yeah cos hlaf way through while recording, people started to appear.. and they didnt know i was recording as I am just sitting there not talkin and doing my bracelets. So I was lookin to see if they almost gonna walk into the "scene" as some idiots like to walk between the coffee table and sofa even when I am seated there.

    No didn't tattoo or ebroider my eyebrows- but am using a "line color" (looks like eyeshadow but its darrrk brown) from ettusais.. instead of the eyebrow pencil like in the past.

    @yours truly-thanks!! :)

    @wondergirl- thanks! I feel healthier than before too.
    The cheap shorts i got from Target (aust).

  9. Anonymous2:12 pm


    you look really nice with your fringe up. you should wear it that way more often!


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