Cut Your Boyfriend's Shirts Up!!!

I haven't done Holly Jean's How To Videos in a looong while. ( apologies)

However, I bought a new sewing machine last week! ( Only $159 from Courts) Now I am bitten by the DIY bug again.

:) I'll try to make more DIY videos for you guys.

Today, it's an easy one. ( You don't need a sewing machine for this, provided you can do a rough hand stitch)... all u need is a pair of scissors and your boyfriend's T shirt/polo. Since I have no BF yet, I am using my brother's!

It's a Bikini Cover up. Perfect for the pool or beach.


  1. Anonymous4:22 pm

    I Hate You Lah! Even A Potato Sack Will Look Good On You!

  2. stefani10:45 pm

    nice! just wondering why dont you have a wardrobe?

  3. Anonymous10:57 pm

    haha desperado.

  4. Anonymous11:09 pm

    If you hate her, why read her blog? You are probably jealous. Because she is famous and you are NOT. She is nice (I know in reality) and someone like you will probably be not. Why? Because you go around insulting people. Like a pea-brain. Gosh. GROW UP PLS.

  5. Anonymous1:37 am

    I have the exact same sewing machine! Haha! :D

    I have been using it for close to 5 years! It was a gift from my parents!

    You might want to check out for more crafty ideas!

  6. Anonymous2:21 am

    Yo C.. Chill out!
    I believe the first poster was saying it in jest. Like I say to my girlfriends, " I hate you, you're always on vacation!!" and they know fully well I was joking..
    Grow up please.
    - i <3 my bag -

  7. yes... i took that in Jest and as a compliment. am not offended at all...

    I often say to my friend, "oh,, you;re so skinny.. bitch!!" but i dont mean it in anger .. i say it cos I am jealous but in good spirits.


    anon1.37 - cool will check it out. and what a great present ( sewing machine).. fun right!???

    at stefani... too many clothes.. i prefer to have rails and rails of clothes instead so i can look at them while lying in bed and deciding what to wear. habit of mine.

    @anon10.47.. desperado?? sorry, i dont understand your comment.


    and C - u know me in reality??? who are u ?

  8. Babe why can't I c the pic/video of the bf's shirt??? It's just white space. Is it my connection? We can't view youtube here where I'm at currently, a shame... I wanna c it! :(((((

  9. oh.. i dunnoe. it's a video but not youtube, this one i uploaded directly on blogger...

    why u cant view youtube there anyway? Are u like.. in CHina?

  10. Hey HJ, nah I'm in Istanbul. :)


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