The Winner of the SONY HD Bloggie Camera is....

The Bed Jump With Holly Jean & Win a SONY Camera contest ended yesterday.

I'm very impressed with all the entries I received.. sadly, I can only choose one winner.

Here are some of my favourite entries:
This reminds me of The Crow

So cute! Jumping angel!

Very very cool shot. How the hell did you jump so high!?

This reader was in Qatar!

Impressive jump!

They managed to synchronise the timing and the angle and the height of jump!!

Love the supergirl poses girls! Uber cuties.

Synchronised jumping.

So high! I cringe when I imagined you landing!!!

Oh girls! The composure of this whole picture is so beautiful.
There can be only one winner this time round.... and I pick....

"Pillow Fight"
Congratulations! You have won a SONY HD Bloggie Camera! I hope you enjoy many more Make.Believe moments with your new camera. :)
(please email me asap... so I can arrange for you to get your prize from Sony)


  1. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Oh WOw... some of those pics are really awesome.

  2. LMAO

    some are very funny

    I could not enter as I scare I broke my bed


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