Sunday Lemmings

I don't know how many shoes I have from Xquisis... many! Stilettos, espadrilles, ballet flats, pumps..... how can any girl have too many shoes? Plus they're bringing in sooo many cool and trendy stuff now! (Bags too!)

I love my new Barbie pink shoes. It goes with all my floral and my candy coloured dresses. Sweet! So comfy too.
This Sequin Gold and cream dress/tunic is from Noirebelle . It's my first dress from them and I loove it. Party dress... yet very comfy cut.
You know the Chocomarimba necklace I wore to Nando's on Wednesday? The beads used to create that necklace are water colour beads. Me likes :)
Chocomarimba is in the process of creating some new necklaces. I won't tell you what type yet... in case competitors copy the idea (because it takes a long time to create the pieces since all the material is self sourced and then the necklace is handmade) .... so, wait for it, wait for it.... but it's definitely Lemming worthy! [Quote "HJ" for free postage. Min 2 items].

And here are some extra reads to fill your lazy Sunday ( after you're done checking out all the lemming worthy stuff of course!) :)
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  1. HEY! I love your barbie pink wedges!

    But I don't see them on the xquisis site :(

  2. hmmm.. i got it from their last pre-order... it's not an instock item.. so it took abt a week to reach me.

    u can always email them and ask if it's available/preorder.

  3. Anonymous12:59 am

    Hi may I know where you got your dress from? The one you were wearing while posing with the barbie pink shoes?

  4. its a multicolour tie dye smock i bought from bali or maybe thailand..

  5. Anonymous1:15 am

    thanks :D cant find much of that in singapore.


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