The Perfect Eyebrows

Over the years my mom has plucked her eyebrows to death... (I have friends my age who have already over-plucked their eyebrows... and friends who don't even shape their eyebrows! )

And you know what? When it comes to beauty, eyebrows do matter. Your eyebrows frame your face, and can enhance your features. Even when I am not wearing a stitch of make up, I ALWAYS pencil in my eyebrows ( especially since my hair is fine).

So, I thought I'd be a nice daughter and give my mom the perfect eyebrows. (yes yes... I am a giant)

We went to Allure Beauty Saloon at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Allure has a wide range of beauty services but their absolute specialty is the eyebrow service.

First I had to convince my mom that eyebrow embroidery is NOT a tattoo... embroidery is a semi permanent process where an eyebrow artist adds colour to your brows, fills it up with strokes and customizes your perfect arch to bring out the total enhancement of your facial features.

Principal Founder Ms Angela Tnee is the owner of Allure. She has 14 years experience in the industry and all Eyebrow artists at Allure are specifically trained by her to maintain the highest standard of quality and service.

First she sketches the desired shape of eyebrows. (My mom wanted natural shaped ones, not too thin). Allure customizes every eyebrow for every client to suit their facial features and face shape. (Oh, and it's not just for women, men can do it too)
Then she applies a lotion to numb the skin.

Eyebrow therapist Coco performed the actual embroidery on my mom. An antiseptic cream is applied on the embroidered area and there was no bleeding or swelling during or after the process. I'm very impressed with her skill.

It took 1 hour to complete and Mom said it was totally painless :)

Now she will never have to draw her eyebrows again, they're a perfect shape for her face and will last 2 years.

Here are the close up shots. What a difference it has made!

Now I am jealous.... I think I'm going to do mine soon! Will save me the effort of having to pluck/ go for threading every month....


Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #05-04A. Telephone: 6270 8845

There's also another outlet at:
3151 Commonwealth Avenue West, City Vibe, #02-04B. Telephone: 6270 8845


  1. Anonymous9:43 pm

    It's nice!
    You are such a good daughter HJ.

    And yes, you do look like a giant beside your mom lol.. though I think ur quite small right? In the first place??

  2. Great gift. But Why do they pluck all hair if later they are going to "draw" the eyebrow?

  3. usually, after penciling in the desired shape (tht they will embroider on after you decide if u like it)... they will shave off the excess hair tht is out of the shape.

    but my mom barely had any hair there in the first place ( look at before picture).. they didn't "shave" all her eyebrows off.

  4. Anonymous11:36 am

    I had eyebrow embroidery and creative eyebrow before.

    "With Creative Eyebrow, your eyebrows will look naturally lush and beautiful as we clone individual strands of eyebrows instead of filling in the whole eyebrows with colour. The result is different from Eyebrow Embroidery in that individual strands of eyelashes are visible with Eyebrow Cloning. The consultation steps are essentially the same, but the technique used to weave in the pigments are different and takes more skill to perform."

    I have to say that creative eyebrows looks more natural and I will recommend this over eyebrow embroidery.
    I think Allure offers it too (under a different name).

  5. yes yes.. thts the one.. i cldnt catch it on camera.. but when look closely at my moms eyebrows u can see its one stroke one stroke..

  6. Anonymous9:00 am

    how much is it to do the eyebrow embriodery? :D

  7. the one strand one strand kind is 300plus

    the price will differr based on what u need. they have normal embroidery, creative.. and signature ( not sure what signature is... but shld be the most ex)

  8. I did my eyebrows at Allure.. not too bad.

  9. Anonymous4:26 pm

    I called to the shop and they said its 1000+ for man.


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