Island Girl Eye Make Up

Here's a make up look I created that's inspired by my lifestyle. I call it the Island Girl look. The focus is on the eye-make up and the rest of the face is bare and understated.

I chose colours which remind me of the beauty of pure island life. So I have vibrant Blues, blue greens and earthy greens from the ettusais eye color C range (which has a slight shimmer to it).

I know some of you might be apprehensive about applying greens and blues to your face. But gone are the days when beauty experts advised against blue and green eyeshadow. These colours are in trend now. In fact, contrasting colors make eyes pop (think sparkly jeweled blue shadow on deep brown eyes, or rich golds on blue eyes).

Whether it’s worn during the day or night, bright blues and greens can make a statement give you a fresh look. But don’t worry: brightly-colored makeup does not have to look clownish. It can definitely look sophisticated and fun but it’s all about toning down the rest of your makeup to balance it out.

Here's a rough diagram I drew so you can see where each of these colours go. BL4 on the outer half of the eyelid as well as half of the bottom lash line. KH2 on the inner half of the eyelid. GR3 which is the lightest shade of the 3 colours, goes on the inner half of the lower lash line as well as the inner corners of the eye. I find that lighter colors look best on the inner corners of the eyes.

Taking photos of eye make up is tricky. I had to layer it on extra thick in order for it to show up on my camera... of course you can tone it down to suit a day look or oomph it up for the night too! I hope these pics will give you a good idea of how the look will be like.

BL4 which represents the vibrant blue sky.
(not blended yet)
KH2 is the lush foliage of the island. I love these two colours together as they look refeshing and it has a quil effect when the two colours blend in the middle.
GR3 complements the 2 stronger colours I used for the upper eyelid. It highlights the inner corner of the eyes and inner half of the lower lash line.
I love how the colours are visible and vibrant even on my tanned skin. The eye colors from ettusais are highly pigmented, so I just lightly sweep them on, and the colour shows up.

You know how some eyeshadows' colours don't show up on your skin or looks dull when you apply them (especially cheapo ones)?? That's because that eyeshadow isn't well pigmented. You'll end up really caking on shit loads of eyeshadow just for a bit of colour.

After placing the colours in the right places, blend the edges (as well as the middle part of the eye lid where BL4 and KH2 meet) so there are no harsh lines, but do not sweep your brush all over the eyelid in an attempt to blend. This will make your eye make up look dirty and smudgy. You will find that the ettusais eye colors blend quite effortlessly because they are so fine.

Draw a thin line around the eyes with the ettusais liquid eyeliner in black and define your lashes with Separate Mascara (Perfect).

Make those cheeks blush (PK3), gloss that pout with some lip essence, put flowers in your hair.. and you're done! The Island Girl look!
To see the entire range, and to create your own special looks, visit


I'm giving away 3 Make Over Vouchers to my readers.
The Voucher is for you to be dolled up by Shiya, the ettusais makeup artist! Super sweet, gentle and makes me pretty everytime she does my make up :)
She's the one who came up with the 3 make up looks for my Holly Jean Style Make Over last month, remember?

Can you name any one of those make up looks?

The first 3 girls to email me their name and contact number along with the correct answer to my question above.. will win the vouchers! Easy.
Status- @10.35am ( Don't email, ALL VOUCHERS TAKEN. Sorry, you're too slow :( Don't worry, will update you with more freebies soon!)
Carol, Yuqian & Jessica were the 1st 3 emails. I will be contacting u shortly ! Hope u enjoy your makeover with ettusais!


  1. wow! omg holly i love you. always having these kinda compes for your readers. you're the best. totally deserve the best blogger award!

  2. actually holly, i have a suggestion. for the island look, what if i try to blend the yellow into the whole eye? will it become like island greeny kinda green? it looks really pretty, suitable for beach parties!

  3. wow.. u even had time to squeeze in a comment!

    U were the 3rd email u know! (I think! the third email was from Jessica yeow.)

    the fourth one came in only a few seconds after you.

    ok. will contact all the winners shortly :)

  4. good idea.. i wld try that... but I don't have yellow at the moment... will pick up a yellow next time i pop by an ettusais counter

  5. ah yea i was the one who emailed. HAHAHA xD omg im so lucky ;3

    and yea.. i was like logging in comment and typing the email. lucky i decided email more impt and sent first! XD

    and yea.. i was impressed with this island girl look so i was thinking if i could get a lil yellow, mix it in and create a greeny look, i'm gonna look forward to your post when u try it out!

    and i think you can try the 'midnight' look for long gowns!
    like blue-ish purple. it's a very royal colour & totally classy!

  6. Anonymous11:36 pm

    :( why the contest so fast?? I can only log online at night. I missed it

  7. Anonymous11:39 pm

    me again.. fogot to add- now tht u put on weight, u look good with ur hair up, face is not as skinny as before.

    Dun loose it again ok (=

  8. Anonymous8:14 pm

    I agree with Anon 11:39. You look very much better and prettier now.

  9. I know.. :) will try not to lose it!

    thank u

  10. Love this Island Girl look! I love you and love reading your blog too!! (^_^)



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