I Dream of Nando's

Met my friend Lauretta for dinner at Nando's today. We went at 8.30 and it was super duper busy... damn long wait for a table. The wait for the food was bearable... not that long. But I still had time to cam whore..

My red three tiered necklace is a new aquisition from ChocoMarimba! Love the creations at Chocomarimba... all one off pieces. So if you like something, grab fast, cos they don't remake. I intended to wear it with a black tube dress, but then in the evening, I got too lazy to dress up.

I still used the same accessories as planned, but I paired the necklace and red clutch (from clubcouture) with my torn jeans, singlet and sneakers instead :)

Good thing I did, cos Tata dressed down too, in a pretty pink top and skinny jeans.

Unlike Nando's everywhere else in the world, the set up here is a full service restaurant (not fast foody)... but service was slow, and some of their staff were not that attentive. But still... I will go back there because Nando's chicken is to dieeee for!

My meal and Tata's meal. A lot of you ask what i eat all the time right... this is typical serving for me.. I do eat fat (skin), but skip all carbs. I wanted to order their chicken livers too but sold out! Boo!!! Tata had carbs on her plate but she didn't eat all the carbs anyway.
Then we walked to Arab street (from Bugis Junction) to meet Ana... ended up in some turkish sheesha place... where the girls had rice pudding ( yuck!) and I had Baclava ( mmm... so sweeeeeet). Actually Arab St is quite a nice chill out place ( we were on Bushoka st or something that sounds like that.... just off Arab st)
Anyway, I think I've put weight back on... ( and I got my period again. Finally! First one this year! But the girls said I looked like I lost weight! WTF!?)
OK it's 2 plus am now.. I am going to slap a sheet mask on my face, watch a couple of episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and then go to bed.
(And dream of Nando's.)


  1. Celestina7:52 am

    Congrats!!! am referg to u hvg yr period again : p

    It definitely means u are puttg on weight!! Tk God & keep it up ya : )
    DONT ever loose it again, pls!! If u can put on another 2-3kg, u will be perfect

    U look great on te 1st pict. Though u are in singlet & tie up your hair, u look fresh & nt so bony.

    Sweet : )

  2. ANAJAMBU10:34 pm

    Ehem Ehem... I still love the clutch.

  3. Anonymous3:20 pm

    ur friend is hot


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