How To Get Your Bed Jump Shot

It's the last 10 days for you to submit your entry to my Bed Jump contest! :)
So far there are very few bed jumping entries and more random jumping entries ( which is fine, and valid)... but I would love to see more creative bed jump shots! It's a lot of fun.. and a great laugh (try it!)
How To Bed Jump?

To get a great Bed Jumping shot, you can put your camera on timer and in burst mode, or you can get a friend to help you snap it as you jump.

But I find that getting a snapshot from a video of your bedjump is the easiest way to do it.

Here's how:
1. record your jump using the movie/video mode on your camera

This is a clip of only one quick jump (just for illustrative purposes), but you may want to jump a few times when you record.
2. Open Windows Movie Maker (this is pre-installed in your laptop/pc)

3. Click File and Import into Collection [ Ctrl + i ] your video file

3. Play the clip and Pause at the appropriate point of the video. Then click the snapshot tool. Save your picture!
The snapshot will be saved as a jpg file.
Submit your best bedjump shot to win yourself a SONY HD bloggie camera!

Link to contest details - HERE


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