DIY Gel Nails!

ettusais has just launched a new product which I am sure will be an absolute best seller! It's the Gel Top Coat and I Loooooove it! It's not just a top coat, but it's actually formulated to give you glossy and shiny nails like real gel nails.

I'm amazed at how it looks like salon done gel nails. Ultra glossy looking, and soooo smooth to touch.
Best part is, at $22 for a full size (7ml) bottle, it's a fraction of the cost of salon gel nails!

I tend to grow my nails really long (no need to spend $$ on extensions!) ... so having a good top coat prevents my nails nails from splitting or chipping. The Gel Top Coat has jojoba oil so it not only protects and shines, but it conditions as well.

Just paint a thick layer on your nails, like you would with any other top coat. There's no need for any UV light.
You will be surprised at how quickly this Gel Top Coat dries. No more smudged nails, especially after creating nail art!

Vacances Nails are here again... this season, the mini 2ml ($4) bottles come in 15 jelly bean colours.

Top row: F7 Honey Caramel, F2 Tapioca Milk, F3 Cotton Candy, F4 Sakura, F5 Bubblegum, F6 Guava, F7 Grape. Bottom Row: F8 Orange, F9 Kiwi ( These 9 colors have yummy scents! Sniff after your nails dry and you'll find your nails smelling like coconut, peach, raspberry or citrus!)
Bottom row: 10 Soda, 11 Lemon, 12 blueberry sugar, 13 cinnamon sugar, 14 Sugar, 15 raspberry sugar (These are the BLING colors with sparkle in them).

Here are a couple of my jelly bean nail creations!
A yellow base.

Paint the top half Orange and then a quick stroke of sparkly cinnamon sugar on the top half too.

Finish it off with the Gel Top Coat... and you have Fun-Shine-Sunshine Nails!

This is a variation of the French Manicure. Start with Bubble gum sheer pink base.
Create a rounded tip with Tapioca Milk.
Bling the tip with Soda!

Seal all the goodness in with the Gel Top Coat! Easy! The French Beanie! (That mark in the middle of my thumb nail is not a flaw, it's actually a reflection of my window grills!!The gel top coat is THAT glossy!)

The Gel Top Coat and nail colors are all available at ettusais !


  1. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful product! =) I have been searching for a lasting topcoat nail polish. How long will the nail polish last?

  2. skippy11:27 pm

    your nails look scarily long.

  3. oh it super protective and glossy.. lasts me a week, no problem.

  4. Anonymous11:47 am

    Love the colors! Did you purposely buy jelly beans to do this ad? :)

  5. the jelly beans were inside the Jelly Beans Party DIY kit box

    thingy from ettusais...

    I was eating while doing my nails and then I thought.. so colourful..I shld use them in the pics


  6. Anonymous11:25 am

    im so getting the gel top coat tdy!! ur nails damn long can girl.

  7. congratulate 2 singapore blog awards..
    ur blog nice...

    i'm fr malaysia..
    come hv a look with my humour cartoon..about nails..

  8. Anonymous4:28 am

    Please tell me where I can purchase the jelly bean nail kit. I have been searching the internet for hours and can not it for sale anywhere. HELP. Thank you, Marilyn

  9. ack! hours?! why didn;t u just ask meeee!!!

    :) the jelly bean nail kit u can no longer get. But the colours (vacance nails) are available at any ettusais counter (ettusais is in Japan, and singapore.. not sure which other countries have it)


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