Sunday Lemmings

Have you put in your entry for the HollyJean Style Make Over yet?? I don't mean to be a nag, but I put in a lot of effort to organise this for you... so don't miss the 9th May deadline!

At S$11.90, this is the cheapest (original) Holywood Fashion Tape I've found so far. It's from Next cheapest is $19.90 at TANGS lingerie section, then Top Shop and correct me if I'm wrong but at Glamourpuss it's like 40bucks for the same 36 strips???? (!!!!).
Plus the neat little metal tin it comes in is soooo uber cute!
It's great for hiding bra straps and securing necklines. But lately cos I've lost weight, a lot of my dresses have become too loose. So I use it to hold up tube dresses... and the backs of my halter dresses.

Like I can't wear a bra with this white halter dress because it's too loose and the back droops too low.
So I stick on the Hollywood Fashion Tape....
Tadah! It holds the back high enough to hide a strapless bra :) I also find that it's better if you stick the back of the dress directly onto the back of the bra (instead of your skin). But if you have to stick onto your skin, it's still not a problem as it gentle on the skin and hypo-allergenic.

I also use this to fix hems that I'm too lazy to stitch... and when I remove the tape, it leaves no residue on fabrics. It's super useful! Definitely an item worth lemming for this week, girls :).


I'm still keen on the florals as well as the nautical theme this season... but I have a new love.... The Wonderland Theme!

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland of course!

So, I'm lemming for all things Wonderland at the moment!
Snow-white over the knee socks. So cute. From ModCloth but sold out at the moment. Hope local blogshops will start stocking the Wonderland themed stuff. This socks so ex, US$18 (excluding shipping).
Am on the lookout for fairy tale dresses .. especially like this Red velvet dress!
Big Bow Headbands! Ooooooh... I feel like throwing a Mad Hatter garden tea party in Wonderland theme... (Maybe I can do that for my birthday!! Only with alcohol. Lol.. The White Rabbit's back loungey garden area is perfect!) only shitty thing is.. it's prob too hot here in SG.. we'd all be sweating in our multicoloured tights and velvet frocks :(

Actually, my biggest Lemming at the moment is a break! I need another holiday, it's been 2 months since the last one (shit. where has the first half of the year gone!?).