Sunday Lemmings - I Am A Lamb

Ok.. my new lemmings this week... I have this super duper cute lamb fleece hoodie. I loooove it.
I actually came across this when I was sourcing for stock for my CherryPop shop. But from the supplier this cost like 30bucks... so how much could i possibly sell it for online?35?! Not worth my while. :(
But at least I have one.. and i looooveee it. I feel like going somewhere cold.. just so I can use it!


Now that I am skinny again... I love pleated shorts. This pink pair is from DressyAvenue. Faux gold button front closure, pleats in front and elastic waist at the back so will fit a lot of sizes.
I also saw them selling these pirate denim bottoms.. very cute! But I wonder if I am skinny enough to pull off harem pants look...

Nope, not paul frank... but my Monkey Tank top from Trendysg. It's their new stock.

I love the fit. It's soft and comfy and figure hugging. And white always looks good on me... as opposed to black ( i find).

I love it as a tumble around type of fun top.
Also love the lace details around the neck and armholes. Loves.


  1. Shalin6:18 pm

    Awesome tank top I must say. Also, I happened to chance on your blog and read some of your old posts, really entertaining and insightful. Unfortunately, I also read some really nasty comments from some readers. I love how you deflect those comments with humour. I hope they don't bring you down because your posts are entertaining. Take care and stay well!

  2. hi Shalin... thanks for the encouragement... no worries.. am quite used to poison bitter ppl.. lol... not affected by them.

  3. Serene7:37 pm

    Hey there! May I know where did you get the lamb hoodie from? So cute!

  4. Serene10:36 pm

    Hey.. Can you please tell me where did you get the hoodie from? I really like it! Please! (:


    but am in no way endorsing this site. screwed up my orders for my cherrypopshop and i still havent got refunded.

  6. Serene11:22 am

    I can't find the hoodie at the website and they said they don't have this hoodie. Weird. Thanks anyway!

  7. oh. try these 2 sites also. as I was fishing arnd from these websites too at the time.



  8. Serene12:49 am

    I found it already! It's at Thanks alot!


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