SONY STYLE Store Revamped!

Have you checked out the revamped SONY STYLE store at Wisma???
It has EVERYTHING SONY under one roof! Everything is bright and colourful and hands on. Love it!

I visited the revamped Sony Style Store on the 14th of May, (it was blogger's night)... my feminine chiffon floral dress is from Urbanalised.

I love the ruffles... and the zipper neckline. You can adjust how high or low your neckline is because it's as easy as zipping up or down.

Remember the make.believe Art programme I blogged about last month? You can view the children's art pieces at the Sony Style store in Wisma (and Paragon too).

That's a Gibson Flying V Guitar! And you can win it... in the Jimi Hendrix contest HERE.

Headphone testing wall... you can check out the sound quality and fit of every Sony headphone... and it this wall has mirrors... so you can see whether you look good wearing the headphones or not ( don't pretend that doesn't matter!)

Digital Imaging section is cool..cos it's buzzing with activity... so much to test out.

Had a look at the waterproof TX5! Wooot!!! Gonna get my paws on it next week and get some under water arty shots done.

But this is my new favouriteeee SONY Product... the Vaio P... 600ish grams... comes in 4 colours.. love the HOT pink one!!!! This is one unbelievably cute lappie!!!!!

Of course, for those who love games... you can check out the section with all the PSPs and PS3s!

And if you haven't experienced 3D tv yet... what are you waiting for???

Of course, there are plenty of other Bravia models there too for you to check out and compare.

Really enjoyed my evening at the SONY STYLE store.... Thanks guys :)

Got a new freebie thumb drive :) it's in the shape of a wristband (like those livestrong ones...). By the way, before you start asking - My sparkly nude pink nail polish is ettusais PK7

One last thing!!! I'm giving away this camera to one of my blog readers. But I'm a bit busy with the Holly Jean Style Make Over at the moment.... so I'll tell you how you can win this camera on the 27th of May! Stay tuned!


  1. Anonymous9:23 pm

    You gained weight again? Ur left arm is huge.

  2. nope.. still same.

    but ur arm looks HUGE in tht pic! dunnoe why. but in general my arms arent tht scrawny, but tht pic looks damn fat arm. lol

  3. damn, that HD bloggie camera 1080p. i has to get it

  4. Ahhhh next time take me along for these geeky thing lol


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