The Secrets of Soho and Other Shouts

Check out he Secrets of Soho collection at ClubCouture!! Soft pastels, feminine details... very enchanting collection.

My Fav pieces from this collection:

Quick shout out for my friend Amanda, who is a yogi. A colourful one too. She had her first tattoo the exact same day I had mine (Labour Day 2008)... and 2 years later, I'm still contemplating a second one, while you can no longer count how many she has! :D
She teaches a class at Going Om (63 Haji Lane) on Saturdays at 4.30pm - 6pm
It's Hatha Vinyasa yoga: suitable for beginners to new practitioners who wish to become independent home practitioners or to compliment an existing gym membership where you attend yoga classes but wish to go more indepth and to know techniques and information about what you are doing.

Fees: $200 for a block of 8 lessons. If you want to just try out one class first, it's $30 for a drop-in session. Their classes are small, up to 10 per class only.

If you're interested, do check it out. Mention my name (HollyJean) and you'll get $15 off your block of 8 lessons :p

Info on Facebook here. Call Xun to register at 81882557.
Another shout out to those with small dogs... [SOLD ALREADY,dont email]
Want to buy Lola's dog house? I have no space in my room for it :( size- approx 72cm high, base = 50cm x 65cm. Can use as a big crate/pen as the door can be clasped shut.
Email me if interested... I desperately need to get rid of it and clear space in my room. (but must pick up from pasir ris ok... Can be dismantled and folded for transportation. )