My Mega Weight Loss Tips (Not Exercise!)

Ok.. I'm no numbnut, and you're no numbnut. We ALL know that the best way to lose weight is to exercise and eat healthy.

But the reality of it is... that it can be hard work, and results can actually be disappointingly slow.... and the likelihood is, you will quit when you don't see results fast enough... (Crucify me for saying that if you want... but those who have tried it and failed .. know that I am telling the truth)

Over the years, I have tried many diets. Salad diets, and the Cambridge diet ... those two made me especially miserable. I like food. I cannot just eat salad / Low calorie shakes for long periods of time.

My exercise patterns are erratic. Some months, I swim everyday... and gym 3 times a week. And this last month, I think i swam like ONCE the entire time, and that was the ONLY exercise I got. So I am not the sort who can rely on exercise to be slim (but it certainly does help tone the body, and keep the abs flat etc).

Here are my Mega Weight Loss Tips which you can adopt. I've found them easy to keep up, they don't make my life miserable at all, it's not rigid and I find them all easy to follow and adopt. It's actually my way of life.

Tip 1. No Wasted Calories
The wasted calorie concept ( I coined it myself, thank you very much) is when you take a bite of something, and if it doesn't taste as good as you think it should, then eating it would be getting fat for nothing! Dump it.

You see.. I don't mind eating something and gaining those calories if it actually tastes great and has high utility (returns in terms of enjoyment). But when that slice of cake is shitty quality and doesn't taste that great.. but you continue eating it anyway... that's Wasted Calories!

Remember- Which is worse?? Food to Waste, or Food to Waist?!

Tip 2. Smaller Meals
Don't skip meals. If you skip breakfast, your metabolism for the day will slow down. Plus skipping a meal will make you super hungry and more likely to pig out at the next meal.

Just eat smaller meals. This will help boost your metabolism which in turn will help you lose weight faster. It will also turn the food into energy instead of turning it into fat.

If at a restaurant, skip a course. I usually have a starter and then share a dessert. Or if you want a main course, ask them if they do it in starter sized portions.

When at home, I usually use a small Hello Kitty child's plate for my meals. This started because I just love Hello Kitty and found it cute. But I have found that a smaller plate will help with portion control.

Tip 3. Drink an adequate amount of water. (I keep having to work on this because I tend to forget about drinking water. ) Very often, when you think you’re hungry, all your body actually needs is some water. Your body should always be hydrated. Your kidneys will thank you. Your skin will thank you. And your body will be able to metabolize fat more effectively.

I haven't been able to do this yet, but if you can cut out all soft drinks and carbonated drinks from your daily life, and replace it with water (zero calories!), you will see a remarkable difference.

Tip 4. I don't Do Carbs
I actually don't rice or pasta ... I eat a bit of bread (still rarely) when I am at a restaurant only if it's good hot bread and they have good quality butter to go along with it ( back to wasted calorie concept).

I don't expect you to just stop eating carbs completely... especially if it has been your staple. It's easy for me only because I never grew up on a high carb diet in the first place, I was always a meat eater with mainly protein based meals.

But try to limit the amount of carbs you eat. Each pound of carbs that is stored in your body will result in three to five pounds of water packed into it. AND if you don't burn those carbs, it gets turn to sugar, and later stored as fat.

Tip 5. Get Inspired
Dig out an old picture of yourself at your most desirable weight. Having a visual target/goal will make you weightloss journey feel more achievable and you definitely need to be inspired to keep at it.
Good Luck! :)


  1. Yes, sounds like it would work! But hard to give up! I love bread, noodles, rice...yum yum yum!

  2. This is good! Very true. Thanks for the reminder. =) I needed it.

  3. I never get the smaller meal concept. What consist of a "small meal"

    And it's so hard because when you're at work, you don't really have time to have 6 meals in a day?

  4. Danny... I said smaller meals... as in just shrink your meals... and don't skip any, meaning have 3 meals.

    I don't subscribe to the eat small meals but do it 5 or 6 times a day concept. I know it will keep ur metabolism going...but it has to be small shitty meals like, one is fruit, one is a bit of salad... yucks. Cos if it's like KFC chicken and shit, this 5 small meals will end up being worse!

    For me, i literally shrink the size of my meal. Till ppl will look at it and say- is tht for a bird? And the closest ppl who go out with me, will say to others if I have a plate of Calamari (example), "Hey, everyone, eat Holly's Calamari. She'll only eat 3 pieces and be full"

    And 3 is not much of an exaggeration.. I'll prob eat 5 or 6 rings, instead of all 25! I love fried food. I wont deprive myself, but I do control the portion. And was I full after 5 calamari rings for lunch? no. Was I happy? Yes. I get to eat what i love. rather that then eat a whole pile of salad or big piece of steamed chicken for lunch.


  5. Hi Holly,

    Yeah I agreed with the Wasted Calorie Concept, if the food doesn't taste fantastic, I won't bother finishing it. I'd rather go hungry then just eat (bad food) to feel full. And one of my guy friends used to tell me (while I was chowing down chocolates),"Seconds on the lips, forever on the hips!" Haha.


  6. girl with the coffee cup9:42 am

    Haha. I've used that "wasted calories" term too! Except mine is usually "wasted carbs". Like you, I'm not much of a carb eater myself, but now I find that I eat more carbs, but usually whole grains.

  7. Anonymous11:48 pm

    I love your tips! Lovely to hear a voice of reason amid all the hysterical and unfounded anti-fat prejudice. I myself have a severe carbohydrate intolerance so chicken skin is good, crispy chicken skin is even better. Very refreshing to see a toned, slim, attractive girl who enjoys her fried foods in moderation.


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