How to Style Your Tank Tops

Can you not think of any other way to wear a tank top other than layering it with another tank top?! Then this post is for you.
Casual tanks are everywhere and can be styled to fit any look you need.The tank top or singlet is undeniably one of the most comfy things in the wardrobe. Plus it's super versatile... the same tank can take you from the beach to the boardroom. I'll show you how. The great thing about a simple plain tank top is that you can play around with everything else and not look over-done. I go Eighties with this style and accessorise with 80s style shades, shorts ( I can't wear high waist shorts, but to complete the 80s look, you could opt for those), canvas sneakers and a neon green duffle.It's an easy happy look when I'm on the way to the gym or beach (or just want to look like I am!).Just replace those accessories with a white polkadot scarf on my head and I instantly get a more demure look. If you prefer skirts, this is a great match for a bohemian skirt.
If I take that same scarf ( which is a silk polka dot hankie really) and tie it on the shoulder of my tank top, it adds a pretty detail to my black tank.You can experiement with whatever bits of cloth/sashes/ scarves/ ribbons that you already have.
If you want to turn up the sophistication, tie it around your neck instead. The great thing about plain tanks is that every little bit you add on around it changes the Look. Tanks are a must-have!
White tanks are part of my wardrobe staple too, not just black tanks.
I like to pair it off a white tank with a bandange skirt, necklace and a belt.You can also put a vest or jacket over your tank to look more formal.

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Got a bouquet from YP. Thank you, it's a really sweet gesture.
I'm not a flowers kind of girl... (I'm too practical)... but it made me go awwww.
(dunnoe why I've ended up looking like a cross between Emily The Strange & Sadako in this picture...)

You know what? If you're a guy and reading this... do something sweet for your girl today. (Unless she is my blog reader... then don't, because she might think you're only doing it because you read this... )

Or if you're a girl, do something sweet for your man.

Doesn't have to be flowers. It can be a small but genuine gesture such as a call, just to say I'm thinking of you. Or it can be buying her favourite bar of chocolate on your way home from work, or renting a movie DVD he would like to watch and surprising him with pizza (parma ham & arugula pls!) when he gets back from work. Everyone loves a movie night cuddled on the sofa chomping on good pizza!

Whatever it is... just make one sweet gesture to your loved one today. Why should only single girls get the flowers and the effort... don't take your partner for granted.
I'm going to the SONY STYLE store at Wisma... It's been revamped! Then maybe meet my friend Linda for a quick drink after...


  1. Anonymous11:41 am

    I Loooveeee the Billie Holiday look in your first pic HJ!

  2. Anonymous9:15 pm

    go easy on the foundation! looks a bit funny w ur face n rest of the body w different tone

  3. Anonymous2:45 pm

    i so concur with anonymous 9:15. get the right shade holly!

  4. I think it's when u use the flash bah. Cos only a couple of pics the color is off. The rest look fine.


  5. I think it's the flash and if HJ is wearing shimmery foundation, the reflective particles in the powder reflects the flash and the face looks the wrong color (but it looks normal in real life). I have the same problem with I take flash picture with shimmery powder.

  6. Thnx for the input.

    It is the right shade for me though. And it does have pearl powder in it...

    but I had to use flash cos the room wasnt bright enough..

    but noted, will try to use natural light for future pics... otherwise use my matt foundation for flash!

  7. girl with the wild imagination3:13 pm

    billie holiday? Please explain how the first pic is Billie Holiday-esque.

  8. maybe he/she meant Buddy Holly... (cos of the glasses)

  9. girl with the wild imagination4:22 pm

    You just made me laugh out loud, holly! I hope if that person DID mean "buddy holly" it was JUST coz of the glasses! I laughed coz i pictured you all nerded up with curly hair

  10. If I have nice skin like urs, HJ, I wouldnt smack my face with make up! Yea face looks really white. But you know you look great without makeup, you probably don't need all those stuff. Just give your ettusais make up to someone who NEEDS them like ahem... me. ;D


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