Holly Jean Style MakeOver: The Chosen 3!

Is your name Jasmine???
Here are the 3 girls chosen for the Holly Jean Style Make Over on the 22nd of May!
Coincidentally, all 3 are named Jasmine! (What are the odds huh?!) Girls, you will be contacted shortly... and I look forward to meeting you on the 22nd.


A big thank you to everyone who sent their entries in. We had a real tough time picking the final 3.

You can VOTE for who you think will look best after the Make Over. If you pick the right one, you'll stand a chance to win the ettusais items used to create the winning look. (worth $200)

Click here to cast your vote for your favourite girl. Voting ends 28th may, noon. (Results out on 29th May)


  1. Anonymous11:35 pm

    congrats girls!

  2. Anonymous1:46 pm

    personally, i hardly think the last girl really need or deserve a makeover.

  3. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Did you choose these 3 because of their names? I personally feel these 3 girls does not need a makeover. Makeovers should be given to those with plain looks and deserve a makeover.

  4. No.. not because of names... purely coincidental. The girls were chosen by the sponsors and myself... so it's not just me sitting down and saying ok.. only girls named Jasmine will be picked. lol

    all the entries were from pretty girls... and I don't discriminate... and say only if you dress badly or look ugly then you deserve a make over with me!


    The Holly Jean Style Make Over is " a day when I'll give you the total Holly Jean Style treatment. "

    3 girls will get to walk in my shoes, get pampered with products and clothes, and get a professional photoshoot too.


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