Do You Love Coaches? : BAG ALERT!!!


Shout out to all bag lovers. If you love Coach and Kate Spade bags, Loves-Coach sells them for much lower prices than Coach and Kate Spade boutiques in Singapore.

The bags are 100% authentic and come direct from the Coach and Kate Spade factories in USA They are not rejected or defective goods.

All brand new with tag, authenticity card and gift receipt.

You can have confidence in this supplier as they deliver your bag to your address in Singapore (not via registered mail) so you can inspect the item on the spot.

LovesCoach assumes all responsibility of lost items during shipment and full refund/replacement will be made for any disatisfaction. How's that for peace of mind and a branded bag at a low cost?
Love this wristlet with the sparkly gold print. Very nice for parties and nights out when I don't want to lug a whole bag around.
While Coach creates luxury lifestyle handbags and accessories in more classic designs, Kate Spade is a young, coming brand with trendy colours and playful designs. These are all the latest stuff available...

I am not a brand conscious person, but I am style conscious and I do love colour! These are my favourite picks from the collection. Big bright and roomy. Lola will love sitting in it!
I might just be a new Kate Spade convert :)

Check out LovesCoach for more designs.

Hurry though!
Only limited pieces per design and colour.


  1. Anonymous4:21 pm

    looove the coach wristlets HJ!!!

  2. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Please don't let me down Holly! I made an order with them because I trust you when you say they are authentic.

  3. @anon 421- yeah.. i like the gold wordy one.

    @anon 841- yep, they get their prodts from the factory. :) any complaints do feedback to me yah.

  4. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Lovescoach delivers your wallet or bag to you. It is not delivered by singpost or courier. So you can inspect the item on the spot and reject it if it is dodgy. They guarantee it's 100% authentic. If not authentic u get full refund from them.

  5. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Hi Holly,

    I emailed them to ask if what we buy via them can be serviced in Singapore and they aren't sure..would you know by any chance?
    (quite a waste/risk if the goods cannot be serviced here..)

  6. sorry girl.. I have no idea about servicing :(

  7. Anonymous10:29 am

    Hi Holly

    I would like to feedback about lovecoach.They indicated delivery date when they replied on stock status and thereafter no update after i have made payment for more than 2 weeks. I had to send them another email to check on status before they told me item was damaged during shipment. It should be their responsiblity to inform the buyer immediately instead of being so passive. Let' see if they will do refund for my 50% deposit.

  8. Ohhh.. thts a shame. I received a few positive emails from some readers. this is the first neg feedback.

    I am confindent they will refund your deposit if they cannot deliver the item to u. I agree tht they shld have updated u on the status instead of u having to email them.

    do keep me updated.


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