Sony Turns Dreams into Reality - make.believe

Sony’s brand mantra, make.believe, is about turning dreams into reality
For the 30 underpriviliged kids who bounce happily into this weekly ART class, their dreams have become a reality.Sony partners Little Arts Academy to provide underprivileged children the opportunity to realise their dreams through technology and art. The programme which is part of Sony’s regional make.believe campaign, aims to enable the children to create art pieces, using Sony technology, which will be auctioned to raise funds for the Little Arts Academy.
Award-winning local artist, Donna Ong mentors a series of art workshops each week. Each child will create an art piece based on the theme of “The world I’d like to see when I grow up”. It was great to see the children get excited about art and be able to express themselves freely.
They're all between the ages of 7 to 8. Major cuteness.Everyweek they work on a different layer of their project, and at the end they will see how their hard work has paid off when they put the whole project together. An exhibition of the children’s artwork will be showcased at selected venues from 11 – 25 May 2010 (I'll update you on this), so the general public will have the opportunity to view and experience the children’s creative juices.
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