Outdoor Shoot with Pink Elephant Labs!

I just did an outdoor photoshoot with Pink Elephant Labs last Sunday! I did it with Sarah, my good friend from secondary/JC/mad clubbing days.

I'm in the process of changing my blog mast and layout. The pic of the current temporary mast was taken at the Pink Elephant Lab's studio a couple of months ago. I'm probably going to pick a photo from this new collection to make a new mast because I love this collection so much! :)
Outdoor shoots are so much fun because you can get places with so much character. It really sets the tone for the photograph and gets you in the right mood.This is one of my favourite shots! I love that there are cracks in the wall, moss, weeds growing, a huge door and then me looking dejected slumped on the steps. It's almost as if you could give this picture a name. I call it Solitude.We both wore polkadot tube dresses, but Sarah's was in pink. And her shots turned out oh-so-sweet! Good thing I have so many clothes... then we can be matchy matchy.
Sarah hasn't seen the pictures yet... I'm sure she's going to love them. (I'll show you the rest of the pictures from the shoot another time... there's just sooo many nice shots in this collection.)
Now in white and yellow floral dresses :)
Sarah has been my good friend for so so many years and we really shared a lot of fun times (and bad times too) together growing up. I'm so happy to have captured this wonderful friendship in photographs. Hopefully we'll look back on this day with very fond memories.
P/s- I just realised after like more than a decade of being her friend, that Sarah has damn nice toothpaste commercial worthy teeth lah. So embarrassing smiling next to her with my bunny teeth. LoL.
Get your special bonds with your best friend, boyfriend, husband, children or parents captured too. Yes, some memories do last forever, but sometimes, it's very heartwarming to be able to look back on a picture and remind yourself of that moment. (Apart from the prints, Pink Elephant Labs gives you free High Res files of all your images)

Pink Elephant Labs is having a promo for their outdoor shoot. Do click on the flyer for more info.
->Remember to quote my blog title - 'A Thing (or Two) About Holly Jean' , to get free SG$60 credit which can be used to purchase additional items (like additional prints, etc). But it can't be used to offset package price.

->Session booking should be made 1 week in advance. Session date must fall before June 7, 2010. (There are limited slots available for the offer, so it's first-come, first-served.)

-> You won't want to shoot smack mid day.. too hot!!! Outdoor shoot sessions: either morning 7.30 am - 9.30 am or late afternoon 4.30 pm - 6.30 pm.

->You can call 97821958 to book, or e-mail info@pinkelephantlabs.com to enquire/make a booking. (A deposit of $50 is required to secure booking.)
To view the portfolio & read testimonials, visit http://www.pinkelephantlabs.com/

**** In celebration of Mother's Day, Moms & Moms-to-be get an additional $20 credit for additional items (so $80 in total).
Perfect gift for her this coming Mother's Day!!


  1. Anonymous1:36 pm


    Love the piccies HJ! Both Sarah and you look fabulous and cheery!

  2. Anonymous1:53 pm

    The photos really make Tanjong Pajar awesome.

    oh yes. of course, you did as well...


  3. Victor WONG2:07 pm

    Gorgeous n Fabulous pics! Nice Sceneries too

  4. wow.. photos looking really good.
    by the way, the white/yellow dresses look very pretty ! Where did you gals get them from ? =)

    Thanks HJ!


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