Win A Holly Jean Style Make Over!

As promised... it's finally here girls!!!
What is the Holly Jean Style Make Over?
It's a day when I'll give you the total Holly Jean Style treatment. We'll start off with being made up by ettusais (learn which colours and styles suit you), and then dressed by ClubCouture (learn the types of outfits that flatter your figure, plus you get to keep the outfit!!), and to cap it all off, you get to show your new style off by modelling in a photoshoot by Pink Elephant Labs (you'll get to keep pictures!). Don't worry if you haven't modelled before, or have never been professionally made up or dressed... I'll be there to help you every step of the way! It's an experience you won't forget!

Don't worry about what shape, size, colour you may be... this make over is to bring out the best in you and make you shine!
So, you have until the 9th of May to sign up. And on the 12th of May, I'll announce the 3 girls who will get Star treatment inclusive of a make over, ettusais products, ClubCouture outfit and professional photography so you'll be model for the day have kick ass photos to keep. (Make over date is set for Saturday, 22nd of May, starts early afternoon)

The pictures from the photoshoot will also be displayed on my blog, my NSPortal blog, ettusais website as well as ettusais counters.

How To Sign Up?

Spread the word by Tweeting and/or Facebook wall post “I want a Holly Jean Style Make Over! @hollyjean69

(follow the simple steps there to complete your entry... any questions just email me or leave comment here)

Hurry! Get Your Entries In before noon on 9th May!

I'm so excited! Are you? :)

Special thanks to my Main Sponsors:

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  1. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Thanks for organising this! So cool!

  2. cherry4:30 pm

    Wow this is such a good event!!! Was wondering if a 16 year old can join? I always dreamt of have a makeover done by people, and now you're going to be the one who is organising this event. :)))

  3. There's no age limit.. :)

    as long as you're female.

    I look forward to seeing your entry!

  4. Anonymous4:01 am

    I think i saw u at CQ tonight! Crazy Elephants right?

  5. Anonymous1:43 am

    Hi Holly Jean,
    Would like to ask if the photos we submit can be of us all dressed up with make-up on, or must they be of us make-up-less.

    This event is really interesting!!



  6. hollyjean9:34 am

    any pic will do. doesnt matter whether made up or not

  7. Anonymous1:54 am

    cant make it on the day for the shoot.. jus gotten a job =(

    pls have more of this event nxt time =D


  8. Anonymous5:14 pm

    hey! may i know after signing up for a NS account, what do i have to do? upload a photo? at where?

    Thanks for answering!

  9. hmm.. maybe the sign up site isn't very user friendly... thanks for pointing it out.

    After signing up for the nsportal lifestyle account...

    1) Take a half body and full length photo (make up/no make up doesnt matter).

    2) Attached photos and email to

    3) Email to include participant's name, age, contact numbers, occupation and clothing size.


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