Kris Allen In The Flesh

When Kris Allen came to perform in Singapore 2 months ago and SONY gave me the opportunity to meet him, I thought I was going to be lost in a big hall full of reporters and journalists. I had no idea that it was going to be THIS cosy! :)

He had just arrived in Singapore, and he must have been jet lagged and exhausted! But he still managed to come across as someone who is amazingly down to earth, really really sweet and muuuch better looking than I expected. I was more attracted to Danny Gokey in the last season of American Idol... but looking at Kris Allen in the flesh... his boyish good looks made me swoon and I can understand his appeal to hoardes of fans out there. ( He's my new favourite Idol now. I know... I'm such a slut! lol)
You must catch Kris Allen on season 4 of SONY STYLE which premieres next week- 27 April on AXN.
Here's a little snippet of Kris during the Sony Style filming ( I took this with my little pink Sony Bloggie camera!)

He was answering the question - What inspires his music? For the full interview, tune in to Sony Style next week!

Have you read my post on the Kris Allen concert -Here?

Never thought I would experience all this, but I did. Life is sweet! make.believe

Looking forward to my next adventure!

Do you want to make your make.believe moment come alive?

p/s- The top half of me (including all accessories) from Cotton On.... bottom half from American Rag.


  1. Anonymous3:09 am

    Awwww...nice pic. You are so lucky to be so close to him. He's such a talented and down-to-earth humble guy.

  2. Anonymous9:17 am

    Holly can u call me urgently pls. do you still have my number? G.

  3. Justinia7:08 pm

    OMGGGGGGGGGGG... how lucky are u????????

  4. Hi babe... am living vicariously through you, yet again!

    So cool. I would have killed to be there with his arm around me.

  5. holly, was wondering if you took in any of our suggestions of questions for Kris on your Twitter sometime back? :) i do hope we can watch the interview here other than on AXN (cuz not all of us have cable TV :P).

  6. due to time constraints, i didnt get the chance to officially ask him any of the reader's qns :(

    I only got the time to meet him, and sit in while he recorded his stint on SONY style with AXN.

    But i dont think i can upload the whole episode next week either (copyright issues)


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