The Japanese Sex Trends

Love Hotels? No-Panties Cafe? Soap Lands? Yes, all these and more... only in Japan!
This month on My FatPocket, it's the month of everything Japanese! In my column this week, I've written about the Japanese Sex Trend.
Last week was The Allure of Japanese Girls (tips on how we can emulate some of their positives) as well as Make Love Like A Geisha (steamy sex tips on Geisha-esque loving). Shoud be some fun reads there for u :)


And... this one is for the boys. Holly Jean's Top 10 Things all men should know about women.

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  1. Anonymous12:22 am

    Hi HJ.. saw u at Copthorne Hotel just now waiting for taxi. Ur with ur girlfriend.

    Out clubbing?

  2. i was at my friend Kerin's wedding :)


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