It's That Time Of The Year Again

It's the Singapore Blog Awards again!

Please rally for me here...

Best Lifestyle Blog Category.
and if I make it to the finals, I'm going to need your support like I did last year.

Meanwhile, my blog mast is still under construction. Did an outdoor photoshoot with Pink Elephant Labs on Sunday, so I'll use one of the pics from the shoot. Show you all the pics from this new shoot in a few days.
Also... my first collection at CherryPop has been launched. It's a fun collection with schoolgirl blazers, mini dresses and stuff.


  1. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Good Luck for the Blog Awards this year HJ!

  2. Just curious, in some of your pictures, are you actually wearing false eyelashes or are those extensions? :)

  3. @ anon - thanks much :)

    @felly - no.. i hate sticking false eyelashes on... plus i worry they'll peel off in public. haha. so yeah, extensions all the way for me.


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