Is Music Your Passion?

Growing up, I had to forgo a lot of luxuries because we were not well off. I never had branded bags and stuff that my school mates had... (actually, I still don't! LoL). But the one thing my parents never skimped on was on the development of our creative side.

We were always encouraged to express ourselves the way we wanted to, to be original and to excel in what we enjoy. They said the rest would take care of its own. And they were right.

As adults, we're both doing what we love most. My brother is in his 3rd year at NTU's ADM course, and I love everyday I spend writing.
And now that we're older, we're not as piss poor as before, so we can indulge in sound mixers and more instruments to fill our bandroom. (I bought a drum kit with my very first paycheck years ago!)

Unlike my brother, who can now pick up practically any instrument and play it (his latest is a professional sized accordian! No joke. It's so freaking heavy I can't even move that compression part in and out!) ... well unlike him, I don't really take to musical instruments.I can't sing either. Haha. I like music... but my main talent lies in writing.

But there are those of you out there who can sing, and aspire to have careers in music. And many who can dance and aspire to take to the stage.

If you love singing or have a talent for singing. ... don't waste your talent and passion! If I had it, I would stretch it to it's full potential. I'm just driven like that. Life is too short to pass up on opportunities!

Which brings me to today's advertorial on Music Story!
Music Story is a renowned Pop Music School in Singapore. Providing not only Vocal (English or Mandarin) Courses but also Dance, Keyboard, Guitar and Composing Courses!
Anthony Png better known as 方钟桦 is director of Music Story. He is one of the 5 judges in Project Superstar, the official Instructor for Campus Superstar and also the judge of recent TV programme 黄金年华。
Music Story isn't just a school which teaches you singing techniques but it also gives students exposure and experience because it offers many platforms and opportunities to perform. From school concerts, pub performance, competitions to even weddings, concerts at esplanade and also TV programmes. Music Story has a courtyard and also a performing studio that can seat 60 people for students to perform at.
Familiar faces you might have seen on National TV, some are celebrities from HK and Taiwan!
That's Anthony Png teaching a Young Adult Vocal Class.
They also have English Pop Vocal classes... not just Mandarin Pop Vocal classes.

Music Story also has classes for Students, Working Adults and Senior Citizens!
There's an annual singing competition organised by Music Story, "Sing Out!", which offers opportunities for students to compete in front of huge crowds!
Of course, none of this will become a reality if you don't take that first step. So let me give you that little shove in the right direction:
State that you're a Holly Jean blog reader and you will get a promotional rate of $40/lesson instead of $60! :)

(Only valid until May 15 2010)


  1. can't see the number that I can sms to...

  2. It's 9270 9473

    thanks for pointing tht out. edited it already :)

  3. kingkong4:19 am

    have you been losing a lot of weight lately? u look thin in all the recent pic. personally, i prefer the less skinnier version.

  4. :( yeah... unintentionally lost a few Kgs this year.

    no idea why. health is ok.


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