There Was A Girl Called Lola

Lola's fur was making her look kinda moppy looking. This is the before picture.
So I took her in for a full grooming session. (It took 2 hours!) And her furs clipped short.. so she's neat and tidy. (And not so hot too!) But she looks like a completely different dog! She looks like an ultra mini schnauzer now. And her colour went from black brown gray to a light gray. To be fair, the groomer did tell me that when u shave Yorkie fur, it will lighten the colour to a gray. Hmmm... don't know whether I did the right thing or not. But she does look happy and still very cute. And fur grows back anyway! :)I took this pic an hour ago, before she woke up. She sleeps right beside me... very quietly... no problems... never peed on the bed even once ( which is a miracle for a young pup!). Love her.

Oh... I also taught her to sit ( which she learnt in a day , cos it's like the easiest). Then a couple of days ago, I taught her to Paw (shake) and Dance (stand on hind legs) and Tickle (roll over). She can do all of it... BUT NOT ON COMMAND.

Like I'd say DANCE... with 2 hands up (cos thts my signal for dance), and she'll look at me ( u can see she's excited), and then roll over waiting to be tickled! She's even mixed up the SIT command too! I'll go SIT and put my one hand signal above her head.. and then she'll stand on her hind legs and start dancing.

Which is ALL very cute and funny to watch... but I would like my dog to learn the right things at the right command. haha.

Any comments on this? Should I just go back to the SIT command all over again and teach her one by one again? or any puppy school to recommend? I might go to the one at pasir ris farmway??? I don't know...


  1. Hi Holly! Lola is really cute! (:
    You should teach her one trick at a time though, so she won't be confused. You need a lot of patience and TLC to teach her all the tricks you want. Even the simplest trick such as Sit, requires time and patience for a young dog to learn.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi HJ,

    Actually using the treats reward system is the most effective to teach. Basically femal dogs learn faster than male dogs but in any case, they need alot of repetition before they can remember. Even if they know how to sit on ur bed, telling them to sit on ur floor (of a different material) will take them sometime to register :)

    I actually have some books/ video which i bought online, very effective that i can lend you if u are interested. Punchy (My MS) has gone through basic training and now at advance classes. He used to attend dog trainig at Vivocity.


  3. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Hi HJ!

    Yes, as said by Caren - using the treats reward system is the most effective way to teach a dog tricks. Try to teach them one at a time, and use the tricks in different environments so they get used to it. Also, try praising them more instead of giving them treats all the time.

    I train my dog (Maltese) all by myself, and he's now good with all the tricks.

    Bringing Lola to an obedience class is a good idea, as it'll allow her to learn to socialize with other dogs and human beings.

  4. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Totally unrelated to the blog on dogs but wanna share my experience with my cat and she is a stray cat.

    I taught her how to respond to the word SIT and my cat understand the word SIT and she really!how ironic!

    I often hear dogs respond to the word SIT but not much from cats.

    Whenever my cat walks towards me, from far i said to her, SIT and she really sit down, sho cute!

    I taught her by keeping repeating the word SIT to her and push her hind legs down and she sit afterwhich. from there, she start to learn , not sure is she a smart cat or i taught her the correct way?!U decide!

  5. Hello, as said by others, using treats is a good way to make them learn. Let's say you just said "sit" and she sat, you reward her a tiny treat and praise her. Gradually she will understand.

    Anw, my dog went to "puppylove" for trainings. But I wld say it's more like us owners having the training instead. lol. Good nonetheless. Just a tip, try rubbing her paws, touching her everywhere, even pulling her tail GENTLY, so that she won't get too sensitive or try to bite if anyone tries to touch her next time. Best to do everything when she's still young and tame. Oh, you can try clipping her nails and cleaning her ears by yourself too, so tt the bond will be stronger(: My dog actually loves people cleaning his ears!!

  6. My friend brought her dog to the Pasir Ris farmway obedience school, and they are quite good. They will guide you on how to train your dog and what to do or what not to do.

    they also guide companions how to retrain their dog or to rectify bad habits they have with communicating with their dog.

  7. yah.. i do use treats and praises...

    think I'll go down to pasir ris farmway and check out the obedience school.

    anyone knows of private instructors?

    @enigma... email me... I'm intersted in the video.......

  8. Anonymous8:47 am

    try patrick wong.. he is a celebrity trainer.. he trained the dog in just for laughs and many more.. see his website =)

  9. haha my pup does that too! she does everything just to get her praise/treats. what i feel is that she is really distracted. i tend to carry her up and look her in the eyes w my firm voice whenever she does that before continuing w the training. maybe you might want to try that?
    but its really adorable seeing them do all that :)

  10. Anonymous4:41 pm

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