Sunday Lemmings

I went to the ettusais workshop yesterday.
I wore my new Pearl Bead dress from TheDayLabel . (Again.. another fabulous blogshop find!)
Looove looove the beading details on the neckline, as well as the puff-scrunchy sleeves.
At the workshop, I got to try out the Melty Touch Rouge lippies. I have one in pink... but am seriously lemming for other shades like rose... but they're all sold out now!! I think only coral and beige are left :(
You might want to check out the bundle sale at TrendySg . It's a steal.


  1. Anonymous11:40 pm

    what the hell is on your head in the second pic?

  2. haha.. it's a headband all the girls in the workshop have to put on to keep hair off the face.

    but I didnt want to mess my fringe, so i didnt use it proper way... but used it more symbolically.. like it's purely ceremonial... and I didnt use it to keep my fringe off my face.

    Yes. I'm like THAT.

  3. hihi! I am the girl sitting at the same table with you! U so cute lah! Put yr hair out cos you just rebonded your hair.. and thanks for recommending me some of the products to try.. I went to buy almost $300 of products on the same day.. gonna buy more, but have to settle my membership card issue first (some discrepencies with the expiry date)..

    well, hope to see u at the next workshop! :)

  4. :) Glad u found the workshop useful babe!

    Hope to see u at the next one too!


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