Sunday Lemmings - Bumper Issue

This is a bumper issue because I have loads of lemmings to update you on.
This funky layered Buddy Holly necklace is my new find from Choco Marimba. It's a two piece set.
I can simply wear the charm on its own, or wear the whole set for a layered look. (it's only SG$15 for the whole set which is damn cheap... plus their pieces are one off creations, not mass productions)
ChocoMarimba is a facebook based jewellery shop. Click here to become a fan so you'll be the first to know when they have new collections. Quote "Holly Marimba" when purchasing for free postage.

Love my Buddy Holly charm... it's so cool. Plus it goes well over my dusty pink tube.

ChocoMarimba has a whole range of styles, each collection is different, this ring is from their Childhood Colour Splash collection which is colourful and has very candy looking pieces. :)
This comfy floral chiffon romper is from Fashiopod's Spring Collection. Quote "hollyjean" for free postage
It's so soft, and just reminds me of spring.. puts me in a mood for romance.
So sweeeeeet right? it's fully lined, chiffon. Very soft, comfy and feminine looking.
Fashionpod has it in white floral and black floral as well. The one I'm wearing is pink floral.

And for a night in town, this bandage skirt is from MissyJay. It's hot pink, bodycon material and has a FULL ZIPPER BACK... which is a very sexy feature.

Sorry my hair is sopping wet in these pics. I snapped these pics as I was getting ready to go out! I can't possibly tote my camera along, and then ask my dates to like snap photos of me because I'm wearing a new outfit.... they'll think I'm a nutter. :( Should have added the fact that I don't have a BF to take my pics anymore to the list of things I miss about being in a relationship. (!)

If you're not a fan of pink (like me and my bedroom walls!), Missy Jay also has them in black or electric blue.
I heard some time ago that PriMark is coming to Singapore. Is it true? Is it true?! Please tell me it's true! But I haven't seen any signs of that happening... :(

I got the LG Eve andriod phone a couple of weeks ago. And I loveee it... But I should warn you that LG's customer service and response is super POOR though. When I first purchased the phone, I got home and realised the touchscreen calibration was f*cked up. But Starhub said I had to go directly to LG. And LG, even though the phone was brand new, and it's obviously a manufacturing defect (!!) ,would not do a one-on-one exchange on the spot. Instead they took the phone and said they would get me a new one in 3 to 6 working days.

I went to Bali and came back... still.. nothing.... in total, 13 days later... I finally got a replacement.

But nevermind, I like my phone, that's all that matters. I love that it has a querty keyboard because I usually grow my nails long, and cannot type on touchscreen. The back is all black and ugly....
so I blinged it with pink squares and bobbly crystal bits :)

Not bad outcome.. considering I have very little patience so I was slapping it all on pretty quickly!

Of course .. after that, I had to get matching accessories for my accessories! :) Pink suede phone case ($8 from Watsons) and new pink wallet ($49 from Whitesands)... got damn sick of my brown one.

ok.. last lemming related update:
Hey Hey Shopaholics

Don't forget that the draw for the shopping spree worth $300 from TANGS Fashion Lifestyle Store ends on 1st April.
All you have to do is a quick sign up (free, of course) with the NSPortal Lifestyle section - (Click here) before the end of this month and you'll qualify for this early bird draw. (Other prizes include the Nintendo Wii and iPad)


  1. Anajambu1:37 am

    SHUT UP! PRIMARK IN SG! Don't raise my hopes so high like that, can?!

  2. haha... I'm not shitting you.I heard tht from one of Mark's friends, who is in the undustry (in UK).

  3. Jasmine9:20 pm

    Do you mind I ask what is the bra you wore under the white tube? They look really nice.

  4. u mean the light pink tube? The tube has a built in sort of lining and elastic (think it's called a built in shelf bra? dunnoe).

    I got tube eons ago from Victoria's secret. Btw, the trick to these built in bra tops from to get the smallest size they have ( XXS), cos I tried S before and it doesn't have the same "lift".

  5. just a woman12:14 am

    haha thanks jasmine for asking, im wondering the same thing cos hj, ur boobs look big there, almost popping out lol... I thought it was those silicon stick on bra.

  6. Jasmine7:56 pm

    Thanks Holly! I'm going to get the VS tube too! :) Did you buy it recently from RWS or online?

  7. Anonymous9:06 pm

    OMG it's the Itty Bitty Titty Committee !!

  8. yes-im-rolling-my-eyes8:09 am

    erm...ha. ha.

  9. @jasmine. sorry, years ago. :( I havent actually checked out VS at resorts world yet.. but i think its a small one, only lingerie... they dont stocknthe clothes ( i may be wrong)



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