When it comes to Fashion trends and Make up... Spring- Summer are my favourite seasons. It's fun, colourful and so alive!

ettusais is having a Spring-Summer colors workshop!

Date: 27 March 2010
Time: 3 to 5 pm
Venue: Orchard Building (opp Cineleisure), Shiseio Beauty Studio #12-01

It's a 2 hour hands on guided session on how to apply the latest looks for spring! You get to test out all the new colors to see which suit you best, you get to pick up expert make up tips and tricks of the trade from the beauty consultants and it's going to be a fun afternoon.

I'm attending this workshop... and looking forward to trying out all the happy Spring-Summer eye colors and lip colors. I love learning how to apply make up in the latest styles in hands on workshops because it's so much easier to learn than from a video or book. Plus the beauty consultants will be able to advise me on which techniques and styles will suit my face type best.

I hope to see you there too!

To register for this workshop, all you need to do i purchase a $30 fully redeemable ettusais voucher from any ettusais counter.

You can use this $30 voucher to buy any ettusais products you like. So essentially, the workshop is FREE!


  1. lol hj, i didnt know ur pic is in motion. Imagine how scared shit i was... Alone @ home, in the dark, surfing ur blog frm my mobile in bed... Was looking at ur pic, getting green with envy on how clear your skin in then SUDDENLY YOUR EYES CLOSED!!!! i was so freaked out!!!! hahhahahaha

  2. Haha.. tht's damn funny V. Wld have freaked me out as well!

    Loog time ago, there was an AD tht popped up with hotmail tht had like a knocking sound/rhythm. tok tok tok tok then silent, then tok tok tok tok.

    Lol.. the first time i heard it was late one night.. and it freaked me out cos I didnt realise it was from my laptop.. lol.

  3. hahaha if i were u, i'd probably thought it's some lady in white tapping on my window... What imagination.


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