Bed Jump With Me & Win A Sony Camera!


SONY is giving away a HD Bloggie camera! So I was thinking... what fun contest can I come up with?
Have you heard of Bed Jumping?

Bed-jumping is a craze in the UK which has seen hundreds of people posting images of themselves jumping on beds! It really looks like fun and you can really get creative with it.
This is my all time favourite shot. Really cool. I'd like to make believe I were a superhero too!
My second fav shot. Looks witchy to me. haha. You don't need a costume, but you don't have to jump in pajamas either. Let your imagination run wild!
Looks like fun right?????

Here's my attempt at bed jumping. LOL

First two attempts I put the camera on timer. And I was out of the frame.. damn it!
If you have someone to help you snap the picture, then try doing it either on high shutter speed or in multi burst mode (Takes many pics per second).

If like me, you're jumping alone in the room like an idiot, haha...then put your camera on video mode, and record the whole jump. Then later just take a frame from the video of yourself mid-jump. It's easy. I did it throught windows movie maker, if you don't know how to do this... I'll do a post on it in a few days.
whoops.. facing the wrong way!
Haha... I like this one... I was trying to swim in the air, but it looks like I've fallen through a hole.
Good jump but face blur... damn it! And finally! The winning shot!


The SONY Bloggie Camera will go to the reader who submits the best Bed Jump Shot!

You can jump alone or together with a friend. There are no rules.... just jump and make.believe anything!

1. Snap your bed jumping pic.
(I will accept any jump shot, doesn't have to be jumping on your bed, it can be jumping into a pool of water, on the sofa etc, as long as it's a mid air shot)

2. Place ONE make.believe logo at any corner of the picture, you can adjust it to any size (if you don't know how to do this, email me and I'll help you do this)

3. Upload it onto your blog or any photosharing website (Flikr, photobucket, etc) or Facebook. And leave your link in the comments section of this post. (any problems, just email me)

4. Spread the word by tweeting or Facebooking this phrase " See my make.believe BED JUMP! @hollyjean "

This contest is open to anyone residing in Singapore (or if you're overseas, the prize needs to be delivered to an address in Singapore). Closing date: 27th June (1159hrs).



Celestina said…
I think u made an error on the month. It should be June not May : )
Holly Jean said…
thanks girl! I've just corrected it
Anonymous said…
Holly Jean said…
wow.. orangelime.. that was fast!

P/s ur link shld be

(no need to repost, it's fine)


Future entries - Pls link directly to the IMage itself.. otherwise by the end of the 3 wks, it's hard for me to view/track the pics when I am choosing the winner.
justinia said…
wow.. u managed to do great jumps. u must be flexible and atheletic.

as for me, this is my try . haha
Sweetie! said…
Hi Holly! Here's my entry:

I think I jumped about an inch off the ground, but my hubby leaped!
Anonymous said…
last pic looks very tranny
thank you holly jean =)
Me said…
mushdiq said…
I am on business trip in KL! And I bed jump with you HJ!

I don't have facebook so I use gickr photoupload

SeaLs said…
I'm submitting five boring ones (hah!) via Facebook!!/album.php?aid=239330&id=723078447&ref=mf
Holly Jean said…
Thanks for all our entries... Keep them coming! Closing date 27th June.

I'm really going to enjoy picking out the winner!
Ekobin said…
Hi , here's my entry:
Michelle said…

Thought a sports one would be fun!

Here's my entry!
Kuen said…
I think my bed jumping pic would probably be me slamming onto the ceiling :P
jasmine said…

jasmine here=)
this is my entry!
Holly Jean said…
WOw jasmine, tht's one seriously awesome jump!
Jasmineneo said…
Hi Holly Jean =)

i have uploaded 2 more photos !!
I am so in love with JUMPING !!
hee =)
sandra said…
HI i had uploaded two post of my jump shot on my blog..

Do come and visit :)
Holly Jean said…
this entry came via email.. so am uploading on her behalf.

Joan's Jump:
Jessica said…
Hi, i have uploaded a jumpshot on facebook but i don't know how to put the logo.


Holly Jean said…
thanks for ur entry... I will edit the logo in for u , no prob :)
nige said…
Anonymous said…
Hi Holly!

Here is mine! Hope you like it albeit its a bit blurry..

sandy said…
here's mine!
Taken on a bridge in e middle of e sea @ bintan yesterday juz for this contest!!

my blog:
Anonymous said…
Hey HJ! Just wanted to know if i can upload more then one photo. Will it count? Sorry to bother:D
Holly Jean said…
multiple entries are fine :)
Joyce Jiayi said…
Anonymous said…
admin said…

Hello HJ, just some jumpshots I had recently. I do have the individual versions if you prefer those though.
Thanks for organizing this contest!
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
Espen9 said…
Hi Holly Jean,

Hope you enjoy my entries. :)








Unknown said…

You jump, I jump. Thanks
kenny said…
Here my entry:

Miss Fiona said…

Miss Fiona said…
Holly Jean said…
OK Contest is closed. I will look through all entries now.

Thanks for taking part!
Anonymous said…
Hello! nice blog!