Sky Dining at The Singapore Flyer

As many of you would have known, Mark & I had out New Year's Eve dinner on the Singapore Flyer. However, the sky dining experience that night did not meet our expectations.

In a generous gesture, The Singapore Flyer offered to re-do the Sky Dining experience for us.... so that we could get the magical experience which they set out to provide their patrons.

Since Mark & I are no longer a couple, I didn't think it was such a great idea to have him as my guest this time round. We're not at a stage where we can be just friends yet. So I brought my brother Wesley.

The Turquoise Silk Dress I wore last night was from ClubCouture.

My pics were taken with the SONY TX1. They'll have a new one out soon and I'm hoping to get my hands on it before my Bali trip so I can get underwater shots... but I doubt I'd get it in time since I'm leaving this Sat.

If you do the Sky Dining experience, opt for a slot around 7pm because the views are surreal... you'll be in the capsule for about 1 hour (2 rotations), so you can see the skyline change from day to night.

The food was yums. Started with Scallops, and my main was Lamb (Wesley had the fish). The scallops were fresh and cooked just right. Delicious. My lamb was pink and succulent. It was nestled on a bed of vegetables which I also ate... that's surprising for me because I don't usually find vegetables tasty. Oh.. but I didn't eat the baby corn, baby corn is for hobbits (!).
No slip ups or any lack of service this time round... the whole experience was perfect.
Best part is, I got to spend quality time with my brother. He's the male version of me. :) We've always been very close but over the last couple of years, we've been busy with our own stuff, and have started to rely on each other less and less. Which is a shame really, beause growing up, we were inseparable.
In the course of conversation, I realised that my little brother isn't so little anymore... he's in his last year at NTU, and he wants to do his Masters and at the moment, the only viable option is at NYU (provided scholarhips and what nots pull through). OMG.... on one hand, I'd love to have extended holidays in New York... but on the other hand... it's sooo far away! Anyway... he still has 1 whole year of Uni left to complete here.. he's looking at other options as well.. Still too early to tell where his future lies.

Special compliments to Yeong Lai Lai & Ryan Pereira for making this night a perfect one and our waiter Dilip for his commendable service and efficiency.
I sincerely appreciate the flyer's responsiveness and am impressed with their genuine effort at service recovery. I look forward to dining with them in the future.
Ok.. just a few pics from the Aquathlon at Sentosa yesterday morning.
That's S's gear ready for him in transition. It's only a very short race, so he didn't bother with many frills. Just slipped his shoes (no socks!), cap and shades on and off he ran. He had some nasty blisters after, can't believe he kept running all the way to the finish despite that.
That's the men's competitive (wave 1) in the water. S is somewhere in there... getting kicked in the ribs no doubt :)

And there he is about to cross the finish line. I think such endurance races, no matter how small... just seem so punishing. I saw some men puke when the crossed the line ( hmmm... yes very attractive)...
I do think it's attractive for a man to be able to push himself to his physical and mental limits (by choice!!!) but I don't think I have the will power for something like this.
But we'll see... maybe if I hang around S long enough, I might sign up for a half marathon or biathlon or whatever one day ... (honestly, don't hold your breath). :)
Anyway... it's nothing exclusive at the moment... it takes a lot longer than a bunch of dates to figure out if someone is the right one. My life is at the stage where anything can happen I guess... very 'sliding doors'... every small decision now will have a great impact on the next path I eventually land on.
Exciting. But also a bit daunting because I keep questioning every decision I make ... I want to make the right choices, you know? I want that happily ever after.
February went by so quickly didn't it!?


  1. Celestina2:41 pm

    Really glad to knw u hv snap out of it in regards to yr relationship wif Mark. I knw its tough but its abt time for u to move on & leave te memory behind

    Just wondering how come u nvr invite S for the sky dinning instead? Shld b nice too : )

    Any chance to tell us more abt S?
    okok, we knw u guys are jus frens, but at least tell us more abt him?? (NO! yr readers are NOT kapo!) We jus hope things wil work out naturally for u... no stress nor anyting

    Have fun ya : )

  2. In response to the comment above, i would think it would be weird if HJ got S to go. After all, it wasn't that long ago that she was on it with her ex bf, to bring on a new date/potential new bf on the exact same dinner experience so soon after wud feel strange.

    I myself have broken up with the ex 1.5 years ago and i still feel a little strange dining at nice places with the new bf that i previously dined at with the ex. I still do it, but it feels slightly weird to me, just a personal thing.

  3. Anonymous8:23 pm

    how did u meet s? Details plsssss :P

  4. Anonymous11:23 pm

    S is white definitely. Do you have a thing for white men? What about Asian guys?

  5. i have dated 2 asian guys too in this phase.. and 3 white. S is white, yes. Do I prefer white men? Maybe... it would seem so, based on my choice of BFs the past few years... but i do not date ONLy white men, it's not a pre-requisite.

  6. Kudos to the Flyer for doin the right thing. Your pics look fab this time round too...

    is it your new Sony TX1 or just cos you had a better time this time round? Realy shows in the fab pics!

  7. Holly Jean,

    The turquoise silk dress is beautiful on you!


  8. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Bali trip? I LUV Bali you are soooo lucky gf! Are you going with friends or with a hot date ?


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