Perks of Being Single

Breaking up is never fun. But once you cross that hurdle, you'll realise that singlehood isn't all that bad either.

A lot of people in relationships get lazy. They get into routines, stop doing new things, become complacent, fat, etc. It's as if their sole purpose in life was to get a partner and now that they have achieved that, they stop living LIFE.
I loved being in a relationship. I'm just that sort of person. But being single again has made me realise that it's a whole different ball game, and there are many benefits a single person can reap.

These are the perks I'm going to milk before before I get attached again.

Holly Jean's Top 5 Perks of Being Single Again

5. Guilt-Free Obsessions
I can obsess over a new ultra time-consuming hobby or neurosis. I've decided to get freaking fit. (Am a bit concerned that I'm looking increasingly boney though). I can also spend more time writing into the wee hours of the night.

4. No Arguing & No Drama
No matter how great a relationship is, all couples argue. (In my opinion, the only couples that don't argue at all, have reached a stage of indifference and resignation, ... or at least, that's what I used to tell myself whenever I had a bone to pick with my partner).

3. I Can Be Selfish
Every decision I make about what to do or where to go is about me. I don't have to consider any other party.
2. Sleep like a starfish
I'm actually a really good bedfellow. I keep to my side and I seldom stir. So now, while I don't share my bed with anyone, I'm going to sleep smack in the middle and spread out like a starfish. Lola can manoeuver her way around me.

1. Men
Being single means I can hang out with members of the opposite sex. Not that I wasn't allowed to mix with other men while I was in a relationship... But I would just naturally tone that part of my social life down as I got more committed to one partner. I'm just the sort who wants to make my partner feel secure, so I don't have a roving eye, and I don't encourage or bask in the attention of other men. (Why would I want to, when I have it from a special one)

So.. yes.. I'll enjoy these perks while I'm single. Though, to be completely honest, if I came up with a list of the perks of being in a good relationship, it would be muuuuuuch longer. But you know what? It's ok, because the right one will come along soon enough... I'm never single very long anyway (I think the longest was before I met Mark. I was single for 1 year and 2 months or something!).
I just hope I make the right decision, and not pass up on the right one, or get in a relationship with someone who is wrong for me.

On a lighter note, someone gave me pretty pink flowers yesterday :) . You know who you are. Thank you for the sweet gesture.


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  1. Anonymous9:41 am

    Lola is smaller than a vase of flowers?????????????!!!!!!!!!


  2. Adam Lambert11:13 am

    pleased you liked the flowers , jus to say thanks for the other night :-)

  3. @ P - yeah she's tiny.

    @Adam Lambert (imposter)... haha... good one! made me laugh. But we all know he bats for the other side!

  4. Batgirl2:18 pm

    hey hj whats the longggggg list for being in a gd rship??? Cmon share it share it! 4 yrs in a rship now and sometimes craving for the exciting single life! :o(

  5. Anonymous3:06 pm

    you gotta watch season 6 of Sex and the City again.

    Being single juz sucks!

  6. I can't agree more with you. I miss the days I could go out everyday with different people. Yes, sleep like a starfish, yes, do everything I wanted to do that is so time consuming. blah blah blah. really... miss it.


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