Man Of My Match

Many are asking for a relationship update. Well.. what can I say?? I'm single and I'm dating.

But here's a strategic look at the men in my life.
A striker is the one I'm actively dating. He's at the forefront... he's positioned at the most strategic spot for goal scoring. But the score's still Nil-Nil.
Then I have my mid-fielders. These boys run the length of the field, and work hard. But I'm not really sure what they're playing... mid-fielders are the boys that make some good moves yet obviously still want to play the field (keep options open), which is fine by me, that's why they make good mid-fielders!
Then come my trusty defenders . They're the boys I can rely on. The boys who somewhere along the game, retreated themselves into the defense part of the field. Never making a move towards the goal, but contented to work in the background in friendly matches.
Ah... what would a girl do without a cock-blocker? Ah.. what would a team do without a goalkeeper? This is the one who prevents any of the men from scoring. The goalkeeper can see their tactics from afar.
I love my goalkeeper! No one has managed to score any goals so far. But hey, it's only half time. I'll have to see how it goes... or maybe I'll have to reshuffle and call on the reserves.
Every girl has a box of reserves. What? Don't tell you you don't have any. (Oh, be honest now)

So... there you have it. An update of my love life. Haha... let's see what you can make of it :)
P/S- would love this match to end and have one man of the match. Hopefully we'll make the right choice (erm.. by we, I mean myself and the man of the match)


  1. sir Alex8:40 am

    I agree with you holly , its very important to select your best team ,i think a midfielder does get up and score occasionally , but they often are a bit rough with their tackle and forget to stroke the balls . Do you find that a problem or are you just happy when they get up ( the field !)
    Have you given any of your players the red card yet ?

  2. OH. I send people off the pitch, constantly.


  3. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Mr. Jello says at least your not choosing rugby players. they have odd shaped balls.

  4. ronaldo5:01 pm

    which of your players dribbles the most ?

    Does it bother you ?

  5. Anonymous12:39 am


    i think the reason why u're unmarried or not in a serious relationship is because of the way you treat guys. look at ur previous post. dont you think you have some issues?

    how would a guy take you if he's a midfielder/reserve? come on, you know guys dont want to be put on second positions and if you want to be treated seriously, you should treat them seriously too.

  6. Anonymous5:23 am

    lmao @ Mr Jello...:D

  7. Anonymous6:22 am

    Haha Carrie Bradshaw wannabe!

  8. @anon12.39pm- ah... relax, this article was written in jest because ppl keep asking me for r'ship updates!

    I thought that was obvious and that you'd be smiling at the absurdity of it all, and not frowning. Chill. :)

    (and don't worry)

    Getting married is easy. There's always someone out there who'll say "YES/MARRY ME" But that may not be somebody I really ove/want. It's finding the right partner that's extremely difficult... and I still think I'm too young to compromise on my ideals. So I'll give it a few more years before I hit the panic button and "settle"


  9. I don't agree with how you date around HJ but even i can see the humour of this post. It's well written and i enjoyed it.

    Some pple just need to lighten up and get a sense of humour.

  10. Anonymous2:16 pm

    you are 30 and you are not young anymore. if you keep thinking that you are still that "young", you might just attract more players into your life.

    men who read your blog or who knows u personally will know that you simply love attention and affection. and of course, there is nothing wrong with that. its a basic human need and its natural. but having such a great thirst for belonging, makes u dependent and clingy which men grows tired over time. many men would prefer women who have a great career and tons of galfriends that surround them. a truly successful woman is attractive too.

    wish you success in finding the man of your life .. i am sure you will be happy. all the best to you HJ =)

    always enjoy reading your posts.

  11. Ashtar6:38 pm

    Hey Holly,
    Off topic-- love how your fringe looks! Could you share where do you go to get it done & approx. cost please?...Thanks & happy dating, beautiful!

  12. I have someone who does it for me (as in, it's not a salon), she also does my eyelashes.

  13. hj i guess you could be more obvious in your humour as a lot of people dont relate to your light hearted posts -.- uptight but who am i to judge anyways so yeah


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