Sunday Lemmings

Classic signature heels with red base [Christian Louboutin style] at only $26.90. Pre-order from Xquisis. I can't decide on a colour. I have too many black heels. Brown? (oh... when @ Xquisis- use code HOLLYJ for free postage)

My latest pair of espadrilles came in the mail from Xquisis yesterday (thank you for always making my feet happy!!!). It's pretty satin gray with bow.

I'm very pleased that Lola is not a shoe chewer.
My white baby doll halter and this Turquoise Silk Dress from ClubCouture were delivered yesterday. Love the turquoise... something different. Plus it fits like a lycra glove (or maybe I'm getting too fat for size S now... lol). Kinda like a body con. Good structure. I might wear it to dinner on the Flyer next Sunday. Either this or the white one.

A couple of days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Janet Chew, the author of The Mile Hi! Club. It's about her experience as an SQ stewardess. I'm only at chapter 3 now... where she's gone through all the interviews, training and is on her first SNY flight. I love the candid way she expresses herself in the book. Even though this phase (chaps 1 to 3) was a good 13 years ago for her, her descriptions are so vivid and expressed just like the thoughts of a young girl in the industry. Very genuine. Love it.
Will continue reading now.
I have my good friend Sarah's housewarming party this evening. Then meeting another friend for dinner. I'm bringing Lola. Fingers crossed that she gets along well with Sarah's Puffy. And that Lola doesn't piss on their floor. xxxx
Oh.. I'm Tweeting the winner of the Kris Allen autogrpahed CD now. When you get my tweet, please email me your address!


  1. Anonymous6:42 pm

    yeah i read the book last year and i must say i enjoyed it tons!

  2. i flipped through the pages at a bookstore and you're right, her writing is very fresh! i couldn't help nudging the boyfriend, "you know what she's written is so true!" to his dismay 'cos he dislikes my flying days though i didn't know him back then! haha

  3. Anonymous10:41 am


    What happened to your old dog, the pug?

  4. Anonymous8:40 pm

    hmmm i disagree. i find her writing still v odd, a mishmash of colloquial language and "cheem" words, making the language kinda clumsy.


  5. its' with my friend. has been for the past 1 year plus.

    @hy- i do agree that the language is infused with local phrases and descriptions. But I love it. She could have easily replaced those words with their proper english equivalents. but didn't because I guess it would lose its charm? I dunnoe.

    and dont we all speak that way? we have enough education to have a pretty decent vocabulary and at times, nothing brings the meaning across as well as some of our colloquail words.


  6. Anonymous8:44 pm

    ah ya i totally agree abt speaking singlish part..i use it way too much actually :P but it just seems to me tt its awkward cos the diff btw the cheem words and singlish is waaay too glaring.

    but wells, some pple love it some pple hate it, tt's pretty good adds :P


  7. Anonymous8:47 pm




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