SONY HD 3D TV Bravia is here!

Imagine 3-dimensional images leaping out at you from your living room TV screen!

Imagine playing your PS3 game with a level of realism that you never thought possible.

Imagine a TV with Internet capabilities so you can watch live video streaming off sites such as youtube.

Well, imagine no more.


On 23rd Feb, SONY launched its first ever full HD 3D TV BRAVIA for the home with the BRAVIA LX900 series.. It has 3D integrated technology, Motionflow PRO 200Hz, LED backlight technology and built-in WiFi access.

Its Monolithic design is stylish yet functional. It is so unbelievably slim, and the screen actually has a 6degree upward style. This tilt ensures that you get the best viewing angle while seated in your living room.

I was delighted to be one of the first few to be able to experience SONY's HD 3D TV BRAVIA. The images are so clear and sharp, the colours are vibrant, and the ambient sensor automatically adjusts the picture brightness to suit your viewing environment.

The 3D glasses are not the ugly old school paper spectacles with a red and blue flimsy lens. But they look more like sunglasses. There's only one size now, but they will produce smaller ones for kids and people with tiny heads.

The 3D TV experience was out of this world! Makes me want to watch AVATAR in 3D again but this time while lying in bed instead of at the cinema! (I do wish someone would have told me to relax my hands and that the images weren't really going to hit me... haha... I didn't realise I had them in defensive position until I saw my picture lol)
What magic technology is capable of. I'm gobsmacked! Thank you SONY for giving me this make.believe experience.
I can't possibly show you what my eyes saw and what my senses experienced that day. But I do encourage you to go and experience this magic for yourself... otherwise you won't know what you've been missing.
Sony will be hosting 3D demo sessions at the upcoming IT Show, 11 – 14 March, 2010, and the public are welcome to check out the 3D BRAVIA TV experience. The Sony booth will be at Suntec Convention Centre 3rd Floor The Concourse. Opening hours are from 12noon to 9pm.

p/s- my outfit is from ClubCouture.


  1. babe! i love ur nail colour! is it from ettusais? :)

  2. this one isn't... it's a rare pasar malam find. :)

    but ettusais' Spring colours should be out real soon.. I'm looking forward to happy Spring colours!

  3. Anonymous11:44 pm

    holly, u are so skinny ur face looks so small..scary...too aneroxic...

  4. yeah ur skinny.
    But at least ur face got sharp features. I like your nose!

    For me, my face is wide, is the curse of my Chinese genes bah. I think I won't be able to wear the 3D glasses. Would fall off my face because my nose is flat. :(

  5. i think as long as she has healthy appetite its fine. I really think ppl shd give skinny ppl a break esp when they are not aneroxic or bulimic. It's just nasty to accuse someone of such cos it's hurtful. The same way we don't go to someone n say hey watch ur weight, ya so fat.

    I think Holly looks thin and athletic.

  6. Anonymous2:20 pm

    I'm skinny too, and no matter how much i eat, i still maintain my weight.LOL!

    so anonymous 11.44pm, some shoot me, no pun intended but i think you just dislike Holly ...oh well...Thumbs up, Holly, if you have haters in your blog , it mean you are successful in your life. LOL!

    I had seen Holly in real before and she is not that really skinny to the core.
    I'm more skinnier than her. LOL!

  7. Anonymous12:33 pm


    like your dress and tried to find it on cc website but to no avail.

    Do u knw the name of the dress?

  8. monochrome floral dress.

    if its no longer listed, tht means sold out :(


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