Kris Allen at Zirca (plus autographed CD giveaway!)

Kris Allen
10 Feb 2010

My friend A and I went to the Kris Allen concert... and it was good fun.
I actually prefer it when a concert is held in a club rather than the Stadium/events hall. The atmosphere at Zirca was wild. Loads of fans screaming.
He started the performance with Heartless and ended it with Live Like We're Dying. My favourite songs from his album.

He is so majorly cute. Can't believe he's only 24!
The next stop on his Tour is New York and then Florida.
What a great night. It was all part of my make.believe experience with SONY.


One lucky winner will win an autographed CD on Sunday 21st FEB. Just follow these 2 simple steps:

Step 1 TWEET

Hi @hollyjean69 I Want that autographed KRIS ALLEN CD! #make.believe

Step 2 LIKE
Go to my facebook and just click LIKE under the pic of Krs Allen's CD (here).
(you might have to add me on facebook first)

And look at my latest gadget..... the SONY Bloggie!
Comes in a whole range of fun colours. I looove the metallic pink one :)
The unique thing about this camera is the lens which swivels 270 degrees. So I can take pics and videos of myself easily. Great for my blog since I usually have no one to operate the camera for me.

Apart from the swivelling lens, the Bloggie also allows you to upload your videos STRAIGHT onto youtube when you plug your Bloggie into your computer. And there's no need for cables. The Bloggie has a built-in USB port which pops out the bottom of the camera.

And... there's a 360-degree lens accessory. You pop it on top of the Bloggie's lens and you'll get a 360degree picture!

This would be good for big group shots during a dinner. Just place the Bloggie in the center of the table and point the lens upwards. :) will try that when I get the opportunity!
Oh... one of my readers will win a Bloggie! But I need to think of a fun contest ( suggestions??). Stay tuned for the contest....

And.......... don't you just hate it when your phone, music player or camera runs out of batteries during the day????? Well, this gadget is a life saver. It's a USB Portable Power Supply.

I can give my camera a quick charge anytime, anywhere. This product isn't available in SG yet, but it's going to be in stores really soon. Look out for it! It's a lifesaver!

Do you want to make your make.believe moment come alive? Visit


  1. Anonymous11:41 pm

    eeee... i want that camera!!!

    maybe u can organise a contest where we send in goofiest or funny pics.



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