How I Spent Thursday

I work mainly from home, but I always schedule the week's meetings in the same day of the week so I spend the whole day out of the house completing everything. Instead of going back and forth each day. That way, on the days when I work from home, I can concentrate fully on my writing and meet all my deadlines.

I've always been like that... even when I was in NUS, I used to purposely choose modules that fit into my schedule so I would spend long long days in school but only need to go to school like 3 days a week.

Well anyway yesterday morning, I had my first meeting at NCS. I'm going to write weekly for the NSportal starting in March. It's going to be light hearted fun stuff for both men and women, and relationship articles skewed towards men (for example, How To Impress A Girl On A Date).

The NSportal also wants to give a treat to female readers as well, so we'll be doing either a beauty workshop for a whole bunch of readers or a Holly Jean Style Make Over for a female reader. I'm still discussing with ettusais and ClubCouture to see if they can sponsor make up and wardrobe as prizes! So stay tuned for that... you may be that lucky reader! (Maybe I can get S to take the before/after photos at the makeover). It's going to be one Fun project!!

Seeing that the meeting was at NCS, I thought I better dress conservatively. So I put on a pink babydoll top (was a gift), and my white skinnies (bought in the states ages ago... am surprised I still fit in them).

I went for a Clean Look ... just my daytime defense powder, eyebrow pencil and lip essence from ettusais. I also put my hair up and away from my face. My faux pearl earrings are the ones that are free (gift with purchase) from ClubCouture.

The meeting went well. *excited*

Then after that meeting, I met my ex student, Leticia, at Somerset for lunch. (You think I'm annoying?? This one speaks with an American accent. lol) haha

When I was teaching at Changkat Changi Sec, she wasn't just my student but she was my star student (A1 for her O level English ok!! So proud of her) and she was also my shadow (lol). Whenever we had lunch at KFC after school, the old lady at the counter would ask if she was my younger sister. lol

Anyway... we had lunch at Waruku (thanks AnaPower for introducing me to this place) Love it! We started with sashimi... and my main was cod roe pasta.

Leticia had some boring cabonara one. (boo!)

We had a bit of time to wander about at the shops before the next meeting I had at 3pm. We got ourselves matching star rings :)
Then I had to zip off to the Shiseido office, met Sherry (she was in cute nautical stripes that day, but I didn't snap a pic!) to replenish some of my favourite ettusais stuff. Loooove the aroma body wash!!! And I chose the cheek color in Pink this time... (usually I use Red).

Then she briefed me on the new products that will hit the counters real soon. I can't show you the pic yet... but hint is.. my lips are LOVING it! :) Tell you about it real soon.

And finally, I had dinner with mom & dad at Charlie's.

So for those who were curious, that's pretty much a regular day out at work (except that I don't meet all of the same people all the time!) :)
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  1. Anonymous12:02 am

    Hey hardcore holly aren't u the sentosa girl?

  2. Why did u stop modelling HJ? We're about the same age... and when I was a teenager (about 17 or 18) you used to always be in the mags I read.

  3. Anonymous9:48 am

    u never stick your false eyelashes properly :(

  4. Anonymous10:48 am

    HJ, why did you delete my comments?

    I merely asked you to explain how that brit accent came from since you never stayed in UK before.

    I just watched the hair stick thingy over youtube and was puzzled why there was a fake british accent?

  5. @anon 12.02 - no, don't think so.

    @KL - Modelling was fun for a while, but not a career or anything. Plus now I'm too old lol.. wanna focus on other things.

    @anon9.48 - ??
    I don't stick false eyelashes on. No time and no patience for that...
    My lashes are extensions.

    @anon10.48 - I don't delete comments here, unless it's racist or hurts ppl I love.

    I can't explain my accent... maybe I am renouncing my Sg roots, and won't speak singlish unless the situation calls for it. Maybe I wanna be ang moh. Maybe because I've had English Bfs for the last 5 years of my life. Maybe it's from watching my fav progs on TV (though I did grow up on Sesame Street.. so I should, realistically, speak like a muppet!). Maybe... I'm just a poser.

    I don't know. You can pick whichever answer you like. :)

  6. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Hi, did you line your waterline in the picture?

  7. huh?? what is "line your waterline"???

    I don't use photoshop for any pics...

    But wat is waterline anyway?

  8. Anonymous1:45 pm

    yes the brit accent was hilarious. I was with an australian guy for nearly 5 yrs too... Didn't inherit his accent! Hahaha

  9. Anonymous4:53 pm

    I think the accent thing differs from individual to individual. For example, I have friends who now sound completely Australian after working there for several years, and also some that never even picked up a hint of an accent after years abroad. A world famous example will be the Governor of Californa State lol. He still sounds Austrian! And some other people I know started speaking with foreign accents long before they ever visited those countries in question. These are the ones who have more foreigh than local friends.

  10. girl with the moody mood ring6:50 pm

    The waterline is that inner rim of your eye (the pinkish part) which tends to water when you run your pencil over it. Some guys do it to (think Adam Lambert!) - guyliner! Hahaha!

  11. oh ok.. I thought line your waterline was some photoshop speak .. lol

    no.. i don't line my waterline... my eyes are huge enough as it is.. if anything I'm trying to look less manga.. and less "surprised"!

  12. Anonymous10:22 pm

    hi HJ(: noticed that one of your ettusais stuff is the medicated acne body wash. does it really help?

  13. it's supposed to help rid back acne n stuff... I don't get pimples on my body, but I use it because I LOOOOVEEE the scent. and makes my skin feel nice and soft. hate shower gels tht leave ur skin feeling like there's a film over your skin...

  14. Anonymous11:21 pm

    holly u are too skinny...typing up your hair attenuates that fact...

  15. Anonymous3:49 am

    i thought she looks nice and very sleek with that hairdo.

  16. Anonymous10:27 pm

    HJ, i seriously think so, but doesnt it sound weird if you speak with a brit accent and on the other hand, you look "singlish speaking".

    You probably do not have indepth roots in Singapore that you might reckon this is not your home, UK is.

  17. Anonymous12:10 am

    i think she speaks with brit accent cos she wanted to sound brit, period. Nothing to do with being with english men or this or that which i found is utter rubbish. Esp @ this age, it sounds like shes having identity crisis. But regardless whatever... its her life. She can sound like a German or Mexican in months to come who knows.

  18. Anonymous12:10 am

    HJ, by the way, you mentioned that racist comments will be deleted by you? Double standard eh?

    Wasnt that post on Bangla workers racist enought?

  19. @anon12.10 - no, not double standard. That post was not racist... elitist observations maybe. But not racist.

    Racist wld be saying something lie - (FOR EXAMPLE) - "All Banglahs are useless smelly black people, I hate them, wish they would fuck off to their own piss hole of a country"

    Saying Bangladeshi construction workers have a knack for invading my personal space is not racist.

    Saying that he was punching out of his league and that I would NEVER date a construction worker is not racist.


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