Ettusais 2010!

Here are the 8 ettusais ambassadors 2010!
Click the names to go to their blogs: Jacelyn, Sarah, Christine, Jayne, Me, Fidelis and Adeline. (Jeanine was unable to make it for our first meeting)

The first brand new ettusais product we'd like to share with you this year is the ettusais Pore Care Wash (S$30)
This product prevents enlarged pores and blemishes. It's allergy tested, fragrance-free and colorant free which makes it ever so gentle on your skin! Suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.
When cleansing your face, it's important to get a create a good foam lather in you palm first. This will ensure that your skin gets a deep cleanse and the rich foam minimizes friction on your skin. Use a whipping motion to create a dense foam in your palm.Not sure if you've created good foam? Just turn your palm over and if the foam remains in your hand, (no soppy runny foam please!!), then it's GOOD foam!The "unsaturated fatty acid" (found in sebum) on your skin causes enlarged pores. The Pore Care Wash helps to rid your skin of this and it gently lifts away impurities. Plus it keeps skin moisturised and conditioned with AC control oil and jojobar oil.
I love the Pore Care Wash and I use this cleanser as part of my routine every morning and night. It leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed yet not stripped of all moisture. Visible pores are no longer a problem and having smooth skin means my make up looks better and stays on longer too. :)

After cleansing, I follow up with the ettusais AC-skincare Version Up (Price: S$37/Refill: S$30) & ettusais AC-skincare Aqua Shooter (Price: S$46Refill: S$36)Ac-skincare Version Up softens and prepares my skin to absorb moisture. There's no point in investing in great moisturisers when your skin just won't absorb the goodness readily. This product is a top seller at ettusais... it's always sold out!!

And the Ac-skincare Aqua Shooter is my moisturiser. There are two formulas available. I use the moisturising one which gives me a high moisture retention. But if you have oily skin, you can try the Refreshing formula instead.

Pop down to your nearest ettusais counter to check out the Pore Care Wash :)


  1. Anonymous2:51 pm

    ur pic washing face is very cute. haha


  2. miaka5:39 pm

    hi holly jean, can I know how is the texture of pore care wash as compared to gentle acne wash? I used to be using gentle acne wash but stopped as I do not like the bar soap which always disintegate after using it for a while (SA told me it was because it was in contact with water).


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