The Worst Kiss

You know what's one of the worst types of kisses? It's when you kiss someone with dry lips. Super Turn Off! *gag*

In fact, I ranked that Number two in my list of top 10 mistakes when kissing... it came in second to Bad Breath!

I'm sure all of my readers have basic hygiene, and are self conscious enough not to have bad breath (!). But when it comes to dry or chapped lips, anyone could have them.

Did you know that unlike your skin, lips do not produce natural oils? So Add Imagebasically, lips don't have any "self-defense" to protect them from the environment and aging.

Dry lips with lines or flakes are not just bad for kissing... but it doesn't look good either. It makes you look unhealthy and older. Soft and pink lips are attractive and a sign that you're taking good care of your body and have good circulation.

Here's my secret to baby soft kisses...

ettusais Lip Essence $31

This is one of ettusais' top selling product! In Japan, one tube is sold every 30 seconds !!! Now it comes in a 10g tube (used to be 8g) so that's 25% more.

The hyper gloss oil in this lip essence gives my lips a glossy pout with no greasy feeling. It also has natural ingredients which promote circulation and moisturises my lips. I love how it plumps up my lips and reduces the look of vertical lines on lips. It looks super glossy and wet... but it has very good staying power.

ettusais Lip Essence (Stick) $26

This essence comes in a neat stick form. It has a sheen to it, but it is not wet glossy. Used on its own, it gives natural cherry pink lips. But it is also great as a pre-lipstick prep. It reduces the look of vertical lines on lips with spherical pink pearl particles that plays with light and gives you lips a cherry pink glow. And it conditions lips with Jojobar Oil.

Both products protect your lips from sun damage with SPF 18 PA ++.

Remember girls... keep those lips kissable all the time!

You can check out for more info :)

Ettusais counters are at:
Isetan Orchard, 6735 1809
Metro Paragon, 6735 2236
Isetan Scotts, 6836 1281
Metro Woodlands, 6891 1127
Isetan Tampines, 6789 1139
BHG Bugis, 6334 7188
BHG Bishan, 6258 8698


  1. Hey HJ,

    don't mean to quibble, but I've heard quite the opposite. The using of lip gloss/balms have the opposite effect in the long run. The lips get really dependent on added moisture and does not produce its own. Essentially it gets addicted to it... so perhaps overuse is not too good.

  2. Student (:10:22 am

    hi Jess,

    Yes you are right.

    I am doing PR2202: perfume and cosmetics at NUS right now. So I am interested in this subject.

    Lip gloss and lip essence and balms are different though.

    Lip glosses can be drying.

    But most essences and balms are good for the lips. They condition and protect the lips. Most dermatologists deny that lip balms such as ChapStick pose problems.

    Bad lip balms - look out for those tht have high Mentol/mentolatum in them. menthol is an alcohol. although it gives lips nice tingling sensation, it can dry them instead of moisturise!

  3. Hey thanks - wow, didn't know there was such a specific course. Sounds really interesting.

    Thanks for tip ;)

  4. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Hey student, that's an interesting course you're studying. Is it a specific course in NUS or a module?

  5. It's a module. Cos I remember when I was in NUS, I wanted to take this perfume and cosmetics module as one of my cross-faculty modules.. cos it sounded so fun. But then it's always so popular and places are snapped up ( i think there was no exam for it either!) .. and I ended up taking Commercial Law module instead!!!

    sorry, I digress. Perfume and cosmetics is a module. don't think its a whole course ( i may be wrong).

  6. Anonymous2:33 am

    i like the pouch! is it available at the ettusais counters?

  7. hmmm not sure if they're at the counters. just have a look whenever you're passing by I guess.


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