Top 10 Things Men In Relationships Shouldn't Do

Holly Jean's Top 10 Things Men In Relationships Shouldn't Do!
10. Wear Ratty/Oversized Underwear
Never underestimate the sexiness of nice fitting and nice looking undies!

9. Buy Flavoured Condom
It's like juvenile teenager's novelty.. in reality tastes yuck. If God wanted it to taste like a banana, he would have made it a banana, ok.
8. Wear Jerseys as casual wear
...unless you are a professional athlete. Even then... don't wear it to a non-sporting event... like dinner and movies!
7. Tongue Studs
It is no longer 2002, hence no longer cool. And don't lisp and say it makes oral sex amazing. It doesn't!

6. Let Your Mother Interfere
Trust me.. recipe for disaster!
5. Play Games Obsessively
Grow up!

4. Hog The Remote

3. Stop Trimming Toe Nails
I know an alarming number of men with horrid feet.

2. Porn
I think if you can't let go of your porn, you're being disrespectful to your partner!

1. Get A Pair of Moobs


  1. ok, moobs are gross.

    and porn's bad.

    you know, there's this really great marriage seminar dvd (torrent) that's really great. Go check it out.

    Laughing to a great marriage.

  2. Anonymous6:40 am

    yes. moobs are eww! I don't need you to be fit but just don't grow a pair ...

    btw, love this entry :)

  3. haha! nice one!

  4. Anonymous4:37 pm

    most men watch porn. and mature gf's can handle it

  5. Anonymous4:55 pm

    i guess u keep dating 40+ years old men, make your mind like 40s. Even mature men do watching Porn, and the video games now are not for kids anymore. and what's up with wearing Jerseys? Glad that not every girl think like you. lol!

  6. Hey HJ, i totally agree with u on this list. All the assholes are the ones that go 'all mature men watch porn... blah blah.' Pity your poor gf/wife then. BTW it's a lie when girls say they do not mind. I'm glad that our bfs do not do anything on this list!

  7. I'm a girl and i actually am fine with my man watching porn. Hell, i think it's hot watching porn together with him too. I think it gets him to think creative and does introduce an extra spark into sex life. It's so kinky and different.

    Also, jerseys can look sexy. Ok, not for formal dinners but movies and casaul dates are fine...unless the jerseys are pirated versions, then eew.

    Video games are quite cool too.. I actually like it and will join in. But I agree that it should not be EXCESSIVE gaming.

    For all others, I agree. Moobs are horrible.

  8. yup..i agree, watchin porn together before sex can be a nice change... and fun.

    But having your partner habitually lock the bedroom door and flip trhough a magazine while Jerking off into wads of tissue paper... isn't exactly a very sexy mental image for me.. and i don't want a BF/husband who does that.

    maybe it's just me.

    DEF agree tht pirated jerseys are super EWWWWWWWWWWW!

  9. Anonymous9:28 am

    Actually i dont mind my bf watching porn. I don't get intimidated by those gals nor do I get all bothered up. I tried watching w him before but failed to see whats so exciting abt it - basically i think the gal is like a garbage bin/vacumm cleaner, she put all sorts of things in her like a circus freak show lol. But anyways i dont make a big deal out of it, just laugh it off.

  10. Anonymous11:06 pm

    porn is normal... in fact girls can try to find the type of porn they like. Everyone fantasizes.. why do you think girls flock to watch new moon? not because it's a good movie, it's total shit, but it's coz a young man takes off his shirt half the time in the movie for no reason and walk around in the rain. As long as your partner is not obsessed with porn or compare you to porn stars..if he does you can compare him to a male pornstar who has a 6 pack and a 9 inch dick! haha

  11. Anonymous11:20 pm

    I don't think porn is considered acceptable to most women.

    I mean I don't mind him looking if it's there, i wun scratched his eyeballs out if he happen to see a naked girl pic.

    But i tink its wrong if he buys or downloads porn or keeps it. Like he is using it for the purpose of thinking thoughts of the naked woman and ejaculate.

    I'M SURE My husband don't like the idea if i have some 10 inch cock man's pic to look at and fantasy everytime i DIY!


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