Sunday Lemmings

Remember my yellow puffy jacket I bought from Cache's post winter sale 2 plus weeks ago?? Well... I found a cuter one from TrendySg! In pink! Damn it! I prefer this soft pink one :( Price is a reasonable $30sing!

By the way, I hate this model.. she makes everything look soooo cute!!!! I am lemming after her damn comfy looking UGG like boots too! But none of my current affiliated blogshops are selling those. U know any??

V day is coming (and so is CNY! ) I'll be bringing you more blogshop offers next week, for clothes and stuff, for these special occassions coming up.
Love this cupcake trinket necklace from birdnestfern.
The Results!
This is the winning ClubCouture outfit, picked out by reader Carol.

A lot of you picked out some very fab stuff! I love the hot pinks, and the charm bracelets too (!!) but I simply cannot resist the allure of a sexy solid white dress. I love how white goes well on tanned skin and this babydoll halter looks comfortable and effortless, yet sexy and fresh. :) Love the bangles too!
Congrats girl! Pls email me your address (so ClubCouture can mail your dress to you!)

For everyone else who took part, thank you. I feel bad, I wish I had a prize for each and every one of you. :( I'll bring you more prizes and more little contests to take part in soon ok.


I'm not sure about plans this Valentine's Day. Maybe I'll go on that dinner the Singapore Flyer offered as compensation for the poor NYE one. But I won't take it on Vday itself... imagine the crowd! Will prob do it a few days after.

Actually, Mark has been in the UK for the last 2 weeks. So if you were wondering why I haven't been doing much with him. Now you know why. He'll be back in a couple of days.

If I said I wasn't worried about us, I'd be lying. But I did all I could do this time. So if this relationship has a bad ending, I'll be sad, I'll cry for a while... but at least I'd have no regrets. I did everything I felt was right and though that may not be enough for some people, I know I didn't let myself down.


  1. Anonymous12:55 am

    Somehow the model in the pink jacket looks like she has Minnie Mouse Legs

  2. HJ i think ur yellow version is nicer and u look better in it than u wld in that pale pink one.

    Anyways, sometimes we cant force destiny too much. If u know uve given ur best shot, then have trust in fate to let u eventually be with the one u deserve. Im not very religious but sometimes whn im caught in situations like this, u just have to play ur part n leave the rest in God's hands cos he loves and knows u best. Things happen in our lives for a reason - to hurt us, to teach us, to love us etc... most of the time its not evident in the beginning but it ll make sense within time.

  3. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Holly, Sam is right. You just have to leave it when you have to. A lot of times we try very hard to make something work, especially relationships. But we also forgot that sometimes what is meant to be is effortless. It would just come to you. You would know he is the one when he is. You would know that feeling because he would do anything to assure you and everything would feel right in place. We cannot and should not hold on to something that isn't meant to be. It is unhealthy and we are simply wasting our time doing it.

  4. such UGG lookalike boots are sold thruout kr :)

  5. Anonymous8:44 pm

    hey! i think so too that yellow suit you more :)

  6. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Thanks for sharing the link with us, Holly. I love the stuffs in there, and will shop for it. Things in Holland are too ex. :(

    Your yellow jacket is very bright and happy, whereas this pink one is of course sweet and girly. I like both anyways. :D

    Congrats Carol on winning the dress! Great job in choosing the lovely dress for Holly.

    It must have been a rough road for you Holly, and I agree with you that you do what you know is best for yourself, and whatever outcomes you face, you will be alright, and you are still the Holly Jean that you are. *hugs*

  7. Pink is definitely better - less paddington bear-like.

    Anyway, I agree with the comments so far. No point forcing a relationship. It should really come naturally and be easy. If its so hard now imagine what it'll be like 10 years from now.

    What's the problem though? Though everything was smooth sailing and stable now thats why we didn't see many blog entries on him :(

  8. Anonymous2:17 pm

    VS sells UGG boots!(:


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