Sunday Lemmings

Super Lemming for Christian Louboutin White Mad Mary Janes shoes. The black ones are nice too. But too bad, it's so freaking expensive... about $300 sing. :(

Check out my new clothes...
This is what I wore to church this morning. The Satin Chinggy Pink blouse is from Backhairpins. So soft and feminine looking.

My white skinny jeans I've had for years but I hardly ever wear any of my jeans because I'm obsessed with floral dresses now. So, this outfit was a rereshing change for me... I quite like the look... think I'll wear outfits like this one more often now.

I also got this Blue Peonies Dress from them. It's a one piece dress. Loves!

The girls at BlackHairPins said to inform my readers that -> normal postage is free for all on their site. Plus, (use code "Holly" when placing order) get $2 off any selection made under the "What's Available" Column.

->Mystery Gift : Blackhairpins is actually preparing to launch their latest collection for Chinese New Year and they want your feeback/requests. Click here to type in your feedback/request. If you don't have a livejournal account, do leave your email contact at the end of your comment.

Why? Because (until CNY), every feedback/request stands a chance to win a mystery gift. :)
I am lemming for these new charms for my agatha bracelet. But my bracelet is already overloaded. Think there's at least 15 charms on it now.

I've always wanted the Star of David (might get it as a tattoo) and the Jeton is actually a casino chip charm! Lucky charm! But I actually want it because it looks like a life bouy, like it's part of a mariner/ sailor girl theme. :) Will wait for agatha sale. Delayed gratification.

P/s- I do get a few emails from readers who say that some blogshops scammed them of their $. (Of course it's not any of the blogshops I recommended!) And they ask me what can they do about it, and whether I can publicise it on my blog so as to shame the blogshop and also warn others.
My standard reply is to lodge a police report or complain to CASE. ( I wonder why ppl in Singapore attempt to scam when you can trace the bank transfer to an SG bank account!? I mean if it's an overseas scammer, it's probably impossible to catch them but in little Singapore?!)
I don't publicise these complaints on my blog because - what if they were mistaken? or worse, what if they just want to Sabotage the blogshop? Wouldn't I be in mega wrong?! I can only blog about something I experience first hand, so I know the facts/truth.
Rest assured though that those blogshops I recommend/advertise on my blog are legit and can be trusted! I know because I have met/spoken to most of them, checked out their merchandise (more lemmings!!!) and of course, I will not endorse something that would tarnish the trust I've built with my readers :)
Safe Shopping for CNY everyone!


  1. Anonymous2:59 pm

    wish i looked as gd as u in dresses but alas im too skinny esp my arms and no boobs. :o(

  2. i bought dresses from club couture because i saw the link on your blog. U're doing a good job. Thanks for sharing nice blog shops with us. ^^

  3. Anonymous4:09 pm

    hi babe
    loubies wld never be 300sg$
    be careful, they probably are fakes
    they generally range from 700-2000 per pair :)
    shop safe

  4. @anon4.09 - thanks for the heads up babe. I made a rough conversion into SG$ using the price off this site.. but i don't have to worry abt it being fake or not, cos even at 300sing, its tooo much!! boo hoo....

    @Sharon - I'm very pleased to hear that :) hope u used my code HOLLYJ15 for the 15% off! :)

    anon2.59- nonsense! every girl can wear dresses if they want to! Just got to look for a cut which suits you! me no boobs either! :D

  5. GirlND11:16 pm

    hi Holly. the pink satin blouse is very nice! It looks good on you.

  6. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Hi holly was wondering what's your height and weight? You look awesome in your floral dresses:)

  7. Anonymous1:33 am

    I agree.

    And I love your skinny jeans outfit.

    Usually I wear my skinny jeans with a bigger top, like checked shirts, tucked out.

    Now I'm also going to tuck my blouse into my skinny jeans and use a skinny belt. I like the look. Hope I'm not to thick around the waist to pull if off though! Lol. I will try and see.


  8. 1.65m 48kgs.

    @cheryl - actually if ur thicker ard the waist, a sknny belt is a bad idea (I think). try a thicker belt? not sure, u got to test it out in front of a mirror


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