Sex Moves for 2010

Being someone who hates monotony... my column this week on MyFatPocket is on new sex positions for the new year. :)

If any of these moves interest you, you can read the details in my column.

MyFatPocket also did a Fashion Interview with Flora (managing partner) of ClubCouture. Click to check that out.

I'm also going to start writing for another site (can't tell you which yet) but these columns will be catered to a male audience instead. Nothing is finalised yet.. will let you know when the tmie comes. :)


Kuen said…
Don't injure yourself lol.
Anonymous said…
wow i think you draw very well!! its difficult to draw figures i should think!
Hsiaoshuang said…
Watch your back, really!
Anonymous said…
yea u drew really well!
Holly Jean said…
anon9.44 and anon6.48 - thank you. tht was unexpected. cos am def not good at drawing.. my hands can never replicate what's in my head. so ended up drawing rough figures only :)

@HsiaoShuang - ?? watch my back??? why??? Don't freak me out la.

@Kuenkeat- ok no worries! haha
Kuen said…
Watch your back can have many meanings in this case bwahahaha