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Have you been to Sephora yet? There's one at Ngee Ann City and a brand new one at ION. Sephora houses SAMPAR , a french brand of skincare for urban active women.

I'm always keen to review new products so I tested their Lavish Dream Cream. It's supposed to be the antidote to the aging process!

The age antidote complex consists of Biopeptides, walnut extract and Chestnut extract. Biopeptides is a natural collagen which stimulates skin cell renewal. I won't get into the science of it... but I'll tell you what I think of the product...
I love the pink feminine packaging, and the fact that the tub is air-tight. Press the top and it dispenses the cream... so no unhygienic dipping of fingers in the product.

As you already know, my skin type is dry and sensitive. So whatever product I use, it's got to be rich (super moisturising) and yet gentle on the skin. The lavish dream cream doesn't have any harsh chemicals, and it smells nice too (no strong perfume smell).

The cream has a thick luxurious texture. It can be used both as a night cream as well as day cream, but I find it most suitable as a night cream. I cleanse my face, massage the cream on my face and neck before bedtime... and my skin feels great in the morning (even when I sleep with the air con blasting). If you have oily skin, it may be too heavy for daytime use. But it's most definitely a fabulous and pampering treat for night time.

I cannot vouch for the effectiveness in minimising wrinkles as I don't have wrinkles yet (thank God!). But it does make my skin feel more plump and firm. It's ideal for people with mature skin, as well as those with younger skin and want to slow down the aging of their skin.
The effects could be felt after about 2 days of using it, which is great because usually my skin takes about 1 week to adjust to new products.

This product retails at $235, at Sephora.
You can test out SAMPAR too!
Samples for my readers! (limited to 1st 20)

Just 2 steps:
1. Tag yourself onto the following photo in SAMPAR's Facebook page:
2. Then request for sample here:

And your sample will be mailed to you :) . Easy!


For info on SAMPAR's other products, check out

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  1. holly.. i know it's the lavish dream cream, but when i looked at the link to product sample.. we can choose what we want. so i chose another product, is it still allowed.

    thanks in advance.

  2. I suppose so :) They didn't tell me otherwise :)

  3. :) got the mail this morning. product will be sent out within 5 working days. (hope it's in time for my bday!)

    thank you dear :)

  4. is it just me or does SAMPAR sound like SAN BA. which is like bitch in mandarin. AHHAHAHAHAHA sorry

  5. Anonymous4:17 am

    and it sounds like 'sampah' (trash in malay) haahahaha

  6. ha.. yes, san ba did occur to me... when i first saw the brand.

    but thts cos in my head i was pronouncing it wrong.

    It's actually the combination of the french creator's name Samuel Par.

    so it's not SOME PAR. but SAM (as in short for samuel) + Par.

  7. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Although i read your corrections, HJ, i really couldn't help but lol at it.


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