Holly Jean's Sunday Lemmings

And... here's a new section on my blog :) - Holly Jean's Sunday Lemmings

Happy purchases

Got this from Cache-Cache's post winter sale. I have no use for it right at this moment... but I love the fit and the colour! A steal at $15.90!!!! Wah lau... I feel like flying to some snowy country now, just so I can wear it. By the way... I'm not going to Rotterdam with my brother at the end of this month... he's got 2 friends who are going on the trip with him. Bah!

My previous white apple earphones are spoilt (can only hear out of one side).. so I got these pink diamante Hello Kitty ones for $12.90. Pretty!

Stuff that made my lemming list this week.

delicate pendant from birdnestfern.

love the small brown baggie from xquisis. Think it looks damn chio.

Cute red polka dottie dress from missy-jay.
summer dress from ClubCouture. Love the thin stripes, I'm fed up with colour blocks!

Eeeks! I want the pink & white ones! (black looks shitty) Only like ten bucks each!? Saw it on the cottonon/rubishoes webbie. Lemme know when u see it in the SG outlets ok.


  1. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Hi, Can i know where u buy those hello kitty earphones? thanks =)

  2. I think any place with hello kitty stuff shld sell it.

    I know there;s a hello kitty cart at bugis junction ( but not 100% sure if they have ear phones). i got mine from downtown east.. the gift shop tht's beside the candy/sweets shop.

  3. Anonymous11:19 pm

    hey hollyjean, those watches are $10 with any purchase in Rubi/ Cotton on. You can buy 2 at $20. (: its available in singapore for sure!

  4. oh is it???? :D ok will go look soon.

    was at ION today, went past rubishoes... but i didn't go in. I looked outside the shop as I was passing and didn't see any poster for the watch promo so i assumed they didn't have it. hmm... maybe i shld've made the effort to go in.

  5. vanessa12:07 am

    i saw the watches you wan. it is available at bugis rubik the shoes shop(cotton on). i would lik to ask if i sign up for the fr3b.com for free samples. am i suppose to pay anythin lik delivery charges or wat?thankss :)

  6. yup.. samples r free, but u hv to pay for the postage. depends on how heavy the samples u pick are... usually i pay abt $1.50 or 1.80 for postage... via bank transfer

  7. Anonymous12:46 am

    eh since when do you say "wah lau" and "chio" ???? so unlike you! i even had to double check if yr blog got hacked or smth ! -.-

  8. haha.. actually there are a few phrases tht I do use... and it actually sounds very comfortable in my sentences (yes, yes, despite the way I speak).

    but yes, I hardly every type those phrases. haha..i can imagine u (even th i duunoe who u r) sitting there puzzled. :)

    Most frequent phrases-
    - Nabeh (most often used, but yes i know it's bad)
    - Wah Lau
    -CB (but not in an angry tone, i use this to address my closest GFs lol. so it's affectionate. Likel, "eh CB, where did you buy tht dress?"

    Chio I used very infrequently though.

  9. the winter jacket is really a steal! do u think it's available in malaysia? >.<

  10. dunnoe... do u have a brand called Cache there?

    if not then... too bad :( but a lot of shops now have post winter season sales.. lots of nice jackets. Just tht i was damn lucky to spot this one in my size and love the colour.. and super duper cheapie.

  11. Anonymous9:54 pm

    you have such a pretty smile! i wonder why you dont smile too often in your self portraits

  12. vanessa12:00 am

    for example,i went to sign up and select to have free samples of facial wash pack. so how do i know when to pay them or wat... sorry for bothering you again...

  13. @anon9.54 - no idea. i think perhaps all these pics were taken on my own, using the self timer function. and either it catches me by surprise and I can't be bothered to re-take... or i feel silly smiling at no one.



    anon12.00- u talkin abt fr3b? well.. its just like a normal shopping site. u click on stuff u want to add to your cart ("Grab sample").. and then when ur done, u must "check out"... otherwise the order is incomplete.

    when u click check out it will inform u of the amt u have to tt for postage.(this check out button is visible when ur viewing ur cart/list of items u selected)

    the acct number to TT to is also provided when u do the check out. If i remember correctly, u shld not close the checkout window as after u make the bank transfer for postage, you must key in the transeaction reference. so they cantrack ur order/payment.

    u will also receive a confirmation email.

    hope u get wat i'm talkin abt :)

  14. Anonymous1:55 am

    those watches are at the sals counter of rubi shoes. (:


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