Compilation of The World's Most Common Break Up Reasons

... and what they really mean.

Ok, the marriage bug has been going around, but so has the break-up bug. Not sure if it's the way planets are aligned at this time, but my friends, my readers who email me, celebrities on TV... they're all either making up or breaking up! Maybe it's all one big coincidence, maybe it's always been happening but I'm just more aware of it now. I don't know.

But today, I'll give you the Top 10 most commonly used phrases when breaking up (some expereinced or used by myself, some from readers).

10. I still care about you.
No I don't really. But I care about myself, and I hate how this is making me feel guilty... so I'll pretend I'm a good person to you.

9. I just need something more.
I’m not sure what more is, but this line makes me sound so thoughtful and deep.

8. I’m just not ready for a relationship right now.
I just don't like you enough really.

7. Let's still be friends and hang out after all this.

6. I just really need to focus on (… school, job, whatever) right now.
I don’t think you’ll accept this break-up well, but you can’t argue with this one!

5. I’ve got a fear of commitment.
I'm an asshole.

4. I just need to get some space.
I'm finding it increasingly hard to get away with doing things behind your back.

3. I think we should see other people.
I’m already sleeping with someone else, and I’m just telling you this before you find out.

2. I still want to be with you, but I just want to take a break.
I want to play the field but keep you close in case I can’t find anyone better.

1. I do love you and respect you so much.
Please don’t tell your friends I’m a jerk.

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Some of them are so true, when my ex said that. :)

  2. Anonymous9:41 pm

    i usually enjoy your posts, but not this one dear.

    it makes the male species sound so nasty. when the fact is, maybe sometimes these statments represent the truth.

    for instance,
    4. i just need some space.

    maybe even a normal guy would say that to an overly possessive girlfriend. its not necessarily how you make it out to be.

    your perspective one that reminds me of a jealous, sore gf who got ditched by her bf.

  3. partially true. sometimes when we know it is just used as an excuse. so hurtful. butsometimes it is real like they need to commit into studies etc

  4. @mehui sorry to tell u but... I used the "I need to focus on my studies" reason is one tht i used on a guy I dated when I was in sec 3 or 4.

    And yes I did very well for my studies.. but it wasn't because I was sooo commjitted to it and had no time for anyolne in my life.

    to have to commit or focus on a career or school doesn't mean tht u have to do it 100%. thts impossible... still need to find the time to eat, shit, talk to friends, etc.

    If u have a GF/BF suddenly u cannot focus on anything else... is like bullshit la. If you really want someone you manage your time, prioritise studies if u must but still make it work.

    so yeah, school wasn't the real reason I could not be with him. I can't say the real reason here, because he may read my blog. But he is a good guy (just not the guy for me), and he's married now anyway (so Im happy for him).

    @anon9.41 - yes i guess tht could be true abt pt 4.

    but this wasn't written against men. These are also phrases used by women, myself included.

  5. Anonymous3:53 am

    i think this post goes for both males n females cos females can be such heartbreakers too!

    Being at a mature age where ive had my fair share of break ups, this post makes me laugh. You cant take it too seriously, just in a light hearted fashion but you cant deny some of it is true as well! Enjoy life experience - the gd n bad, and learn to laugh in years to come. Kept telling myself that n im still alive n sane! Lol

  6. I don't know if you were joking but I don't quite agree with this post .. .

  7. Anonymous10:46 am

    Another post that takes a cheap shot at men.

  8. Anonymous11:00 am

    anon 10:46 - post doesn't seem to be aimed at men, but it might feel that way i guess given female blogger

    # 4 is a bit off for me - i guess when someone talks about wanting space it just can mean that they r going off someone

    i guess we all feel like we need to say something to justify why we've gone off someone, no?

  9. So true. Love it!! Keep it up with all your relationships related posts :D


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