Come and Share Ghost Stories

Based on your response on this past post where I told you that both Mark & I heard someone walking around us while we were napping.

Today's post is on personal spooky encounters.

I haven't had many ghostly experiences but I did get the creeps a few times in life.
When I was a young child (maybe like 5 years old), I watched a movie called IT. And there was a scary clown in it. To this day, I'm afraid of clowns.

I've heard MANY stories from my mom. Both my mom and my bro tend to be able to see/experience things. Even in our house now, both my mom and bro sometimes hear someone knocking their bedroom door at midnight and see shadows walking about. But the rest of the family don't see or hear anything. I guess we're not so sensitive to these things.

Story 1:
My mom told me that when she was pregnant, she would experience spooky things more often.

When my mom was pregnant with my younger bro, the fortune teller ( yes, she believes these things) told her that at midnight on a certain night ( i can't remember the date) she will hear a loud sound in the kitchen but she must ignore it and must not go behind to check. This was when we lived in Bedok.

And sure enough, that particular night, mom and dad were watching TV in the living room ( I was asleep.. I must have been only 5 yrs old), there was a very loud CLANG sound.. like someone dropped a pot in the kitchen. Both mom and dad looked at each other.. freaking alarmed. But just had to pretend nothing happened and continue watching TV.

The next morning, there wasn't anything wrong in the kitchen.
Story 2:

That same pregnancy, my mom was cleaning the house, then she heard a sound at the front door. The gate was locked but the door was open. And she was a bit shocked to see a small boy sitting on our doorstep, peeping in. He was as black as night. Looked like a golliwog but with curly hair. Then ran off. We didn't have any negro neighbours, or kids which looked like that in our neighbourhood. So it was very very strange.

Story 3:
Ok, this not really a ghost story. But it's related. Mom grew up in a Kampong. And on her street there was a row of houses. The house on one end belonged to a powerful chinese medium. And some times, he would go into a trance, and go mad down the street. As a kid, my mom and her friends would all run indoors whenever this man went into a trance. Even though there would be some helpers controlling him ( they would whip him, hold him back, etc), it's still a very scary sight.

Story 4:
Whenever my mom's dad visited her, he has a special knock on her door. Tok Tok Tok.... with a stick ( he used a walking stick to fend off kampong dogs). Then early one morning, before the sun was up, she heard the same knock.

She jumped out of bed (my dad had gone to work- night shift)... thinking it's too early for his visit. But there was no one there. She even though he was playing a fool and hiding behind the wall, but no one, nothing.

That day her father passed away. She thinks it was her dad's spirit coming to say good bye, or trying to warn them that this was his last day.

Story 5: ( other people's story)

When we lived in Bedok North flat, there was a bridge over the PIE leading to a jogging park (bedok reservoir side). But no one dared take the bridge past midnight. Many people saw a lady with long hair standing on the bridge.
Have you heard the one where this girl was swimming, and then she almost drowned. She struggled in the water and then finally managed to float again and get out of the water. But when she was out, she was shocked to see hand prints around her ankles. As if something was pulling her down in the water.
Siglap road, one of the houses... there's a semi detached house. Mom knows the neighbour. He said that one of the 2 houses is haunted. No one lives there. Every night, after midnight, there are white candles lit on the driveway.

Ok, your turn... please share your stories! :)


  1. Actually it's not just preggers that can see ghosts, babies can too.

    she woke up and said "Hey!" and happily played in her bed. A while later I went to grab her, but snuck up on her to see what she was doing to keep herself so content and occupied...

    My baby girl loves to hand us things when she wakes up, blankets, her dolly, anything really. Well, one morning, I heard her waking up and I went towards her cot, she was sitting up, facing away from me saying "hi!" and offering a toy to NO ONE. No one that I could see for that matter.

  2. Anonymous1:01 pm

    One day while visiting my friend, we began to argue and all of a sudden I felt a sharp poke to my head.

    I told my friend about the incident, my friend shares with me his feelings about his house and how he feels that the house may be haunted. Whenever my friend and his wife fight, strange things happen like, doors slam and dishes rattle.

  3. Anonymous4:24 pm

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    Hi Arina, it's very normal for babies to have an imaginary friends, especially the firstborns. Apparently your baby is a bright one. Go read some books on children psychology.

  4. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Anon 4.24, negro is not an insulting word lah but "nigger" is.

  5. Anonymous5:58 pm

    yea negro is not insulting, its nigger for gawds sake. I honestly dont find lil yellow chick bad too. I think hj mixes well with society, she certainly wldnt use offensive labellings.

  6. I used to live in this flat in Pasir Ris when I was young. I had very bad vibes about it, you know soemtimes you can just sense good or evil aura.

    Nonetheless I thought it's just my over active imagination till I realised I was not the only one who experienced or felt it.

    My bedroom is just facing the kitchen (where the main toilet was also located at). I kept on seeing dark shadowy figure darting in and out at the sides of my eye. When evenings came, I could hear very clear audible heavy breathing sound coming from the toilet and yes no one was there. Like very very heavy loud breathing sounds. It was very very scary. My elder sister and 2 younger brothers vouched they heard it too. You just can sense evil in that house.

    Once I was in my room, lying on my bed. It was a double deck bed and I was on the lower bed and my sis took the top bunk. I was reading and and I heard my sis' bed creaking. I ignored it. But the spring of the mattress kept on creaking away like my sis was tossing and turning and it disrupted my reading. Feeling entremely annoyed, I got out of bed and peered over hers to scream at her. There was no one. I ran out of the room.

    Never a time when I had a peaceful sleep there. Every sleep meant having nightmares. The nightmares were so satanic, I dreaded sleeping. I dreamt there were evil forces hunting me and when I recited some holy verses, it sniggered and chorused after me.

    My bro told me he once saw a pair of legs on my sister's bed. No torso, no head, just a pair of legs.

    Last we heard the new owners moved out too.

  7. Anonymous8:05 pm

    My ex used to rent a condo in Bayshore Park. He told me when he first view it with the agent, the house was in sheer madness, with newspapers all over and stuff on the floor. It was like it had been ransacked or someone had gone beserk.

    The agent was honest and told him the previous tenant turned into a nutcase for some unknown reason. Come to think of it now, I wonder whether he/she had committed suicide there. The agent also mentioned someone had comitted suicide from the upper storey of that very same block. Being a non believer of supernatural stuff, my ex rented it anyways since he liked the place.

    I spent alot of time there and I always felt really crept out. Again, bad vibes. There was once when my ex had to travel abroad for work for a month. I didn't drop by the house as I didn't really like being there.

    When he got back, he noticed his plant had been carefully trimmed and was in good condition. I checked it, it was as if it had been trimmed with scissors. We called the landlord who confirmed she did not step in at apartment at all. We decided not to think too much of it.

    The creepiest incident was when I went to his apartment alone as he was out buying groceries. I went up the lift and walked out towards his unit. I heard foot steps right behind me. I knew there was no one cos the area was usually quiet and no other lift stopped at the floor.

    The foot steps seemed so close to me, then I heard someone doing the 'Pssst..' sound behind me as though to get my attention. My knees grew weak and my hair stood. I had goosebumps all over me. I don't wanna turn all the way cos I was scared to see what might greet me. I just turned slightly and could see nothing fromt he corner of my eye.

    The 'Psst...!' came again, this time more insistenly. The footsteps was heavy and draggy and FELT LIKE IT'S JUST RIGHT BEHIND ME. I was shaking so badly I was fumbling with the keys and couldn't open the gate cos my hand was shaking and I felt I could drop. Then I heard the sound of the lift and my ex came and he asked me what happened, why was my face so pale. I hugged him and cried.

    My gfs who came over told me they felt bad aura as well in the place.

  8. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Anon 5.19 & 5.58, take out your dictionary and have a look! negro is an offensive word, and it means a black woman. If you are not sure, pls just keep quiet.

  9. Anonymous10:15 pm

    During my teens life, a group of friends went to explore several "haunted" notorious places in the east area in the late night.

    We did not experience any ghostly experiences but we heard from our friends' friends saying they encountered paranormal at those places we explore, not sure we counted lucky or not.

    Does having recurring nightmares consider to be a paranormal?

    I stayed at Bedok for past 21 years and i kept having the same dreams of "hands" touching/molesting me...only the hands, i did not see any body or something, just the hands...After i moved, i had the same recurring dreams again, the same hands molesting me with the same areas and it was so creepy that when i woke up , i can still feel the "hands" grab my thighs as it seemed so real.

    I am not taking any medicine or any sleeping pills but i knew i was tired, so not sure could it be another hallucinations...

    but now, suddenly it stopped coz i don't sleep alone anymore.LOL!

    but i noticed if i did not wear any shorts to sleep but with big t-shirt on, this happened! 0_0

    It happened only when i slept alone.

    Occassionally, when i sleep,i do experience something/someone pressed onto me and i cant move, not even shout or any voice come out of my mouth, i was "paralysed" and i heard whispers everywhere...i just tell myself to relax and it stopped. Others said it happened due to tiredness.

    Once, when i was camping during secondary times, in the middle of the night where everyone was asleep, a loud , piercing scream was heard from nowhere. The weirdest part is only the people in my room can hear the screaming coz we went to ask around, not sure is it a prank but i knew after the camping trip in the school, i was sick for quite a long time.

    Go figure!

  10. Siglap road? Got meh??? I never see before leh?? Once i felt that i was awake or rather 90% sure i was awake but i couldn't move, like something is sitting on me, but i heard there is a scientific explanation for it.

  11. Anonymous10:06 am

    I believe that ghosts/spirits etc do exist but i've never had any encounter with them first hand...until three weeks ago.

    It was a friday morning that i flew into singapore from overseas and i spent the whole day with my mum. last stop we had was to have supper before heading home. My mum drove us home cause i felt too lethargic to do so from the flight and the lack of sleep. Upon reaching home at ard 11-ish, my mum poked me to wake me up and was teasing me for falling asleep in the car with my mouth open.

    We made ourselves out of the car and took our handbags from the back seats while making small talk. Whilst doing so, i saw a black shadow moving amongst the trees about 50m away but thought nothing of it cause im not 'sensitive' to these things and i hardly hear/see them and also thought it was just my eyes playing tricks of me cause i was SO sleepy.

    ANYWAYS, the two of us made our way towards the house which was a 100m away - still talking - when suddenly my mum's eyes turned as huge as saucers and she wrapped one arm ard my shoulders and said 'get into the house quick!'. I started to panic as my mum's one one those ppl who are 'sensitive' to these things and i knew she prob saw sthing. Upon reaching inside, she plunked herself onto the sofa with her face as white as sheet and me, being a huge busy body, i was probing her asking wht she saw.

    My mum started breathing heavily then stood up and rolled up her sleeves to show me the hairs standing on her arms then she sat back down - still quiet - and i was there beside her, still asking 'what did u see mummy? what did u see mummy?'.

    All of a sudden, her head rolled back and she let out the most horrendous and evil laughter. I nearly pissed my pants when that happened and darted out of that sofa in a flash and ran upstairs to my aunty. From 11.20pm to 4.30am, my mum was growling, laughing and speaking in a funny languages. The freakiest part of the night was when she kept on calling out my name but all my family members told me to stay away from her cause it wasn't her that was calling me.

    What happened that night seemed to me like something of a scene that came out of the move The Exorcist. It wasn't the first time sthing like that has happened to my mum. apparently, she's really vulnerable to these things and the area we live in is really 'dirty' but as i work overseas, i've never actually witnessed the previous incidences and only got told about them, never thinking at was THAT serious.

    I didn't get my much needed sleep that night and i now am a true believer that such vile and evil things do exist...unfortunately :(

  12. Anonymous10:19 am

    I from SG but I married a malaysian and live here now. I believe there are more hauntings here than in Singapore.

    Would just like to share a few.

    There are a few haunted abandoned houses in Bangsar .A guard went bonkers and murdered many kids and dumped the bodies into the water tank.

    I also stayed at Heritage Hotel before. located above the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, and one of the oldest colonial buildings in KL. At night, I could hear a scraping sound at my window. And I tried to ignore it but it was getting louder. I was shivering and didnt want to open my eyes. Thankfully it suddenly stopped.

    ppl say its not good getting a room with ur window facing the train platform, because many ppl suicide there.

    My hubby rides a motorbike. and once he was on karak highway, he suddenly felt a weight on his bike, as if have a pillion/passanger.

  13. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Anon 10.06 - omg that was scary shit!!!! Ever considered moving out for ur mom's welfare?

    Anon 9.39 - Take the chill pill man. You might be right but y so uptight and condescending?

  14. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Back in 1996, I was working in a shop in Century Square, Tampines. I will always have a strange feeling someone is in the store room. A night came, when I was doing my closing for the shop (it was 9.30pm), my colleague's girlfriend (who can see spirits), went into our store room to pick up their motorbike helmets. My colleague and I were chatting and clearing up the mess of the day, his girlfriend dashed out of the shop and stood by the entrance, trembling. I was surprised, and quickly finished up the closing and went up to her. Oh boy... that face... I can remember so distinctively... so pale. She said, she saw a man sitting on the chair in the store room. His back was facing her and when he was about to turn his head to look at her, the poor girl had already made her way out. I believed her, and called my manager, who hired a monk to do some prayers. I hung a rosary in the store room. Then on, nothing happened until I left the company. Again, the spirit made his visit. This time, he hung around the fitting rooms.

    Yes, I believe children can see ghosts too. I am now in The Netherlands, and my house is more than 70 years old. I always have a hunch feeling that we are watched in the house. This "thing" has not done us any harm so far during our 3 years stay here. My 3.5 year old daughter mentioned to me many times that she saw a "Spook" (dutch word for ghost) flying outside our window. I asked her if it is a boy or girl, she said a boy. *goosebumps* A few nights ago, she woke up crying, saying she saw the spook again. This time walking above her (on the ceiling), wanting to drop a box on her. Oh my gosh, I thought she was dreaming, and asked her again and again to be sure. Her story stayed the same. I began to be sure that we are not the only inhabitants and told my husband, who of course doesnt believe in such stories at all.


  15. @SL OMG that is scary *goosebumps*

    my hair stands on end when i read some of your stories here.


    relac lah.

  17. Ghosts are like true love: everyone has heard of them but nobody has actually seen one.

  18. Anonymous7:52 am

    A taxi driver told me this story. He was in Pasir ris area at around 5+am doing his shift when nature calls. Unable to find any toilet, he stopped at some block hoping to relieve himself at the void deck main thrash bin. Midst of doing it, a lady in white with long hair, face pale and bluish was standing nearby, staring at him. He ran for his life and drove away!

  19. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Have u guys ever been possessed? Im not sure if I have, i certainly didnt talk in foreign language or have my eyes rolled all the way back till only the whites can be seen.

    However during high school, i was extremely bad tempered and depressed. I did not know how to handle my condition so sometimes i just go blank, stared at the mirror and start cutting my hair desperately.

    I can fly in a rage in school and most of the time @ home. I just cldnt control myself.

    One day mom tricked me into going to a medium. He asked me to sit down and untie my hair. I felt so betrayed by mom, i cld feel hate and anger in me.

    The medium then took a key and pressed it under my nails - both fingers and toes. The pain was excruciating, i thought i was gonna faint! But i kept on putting a still front cos i wanna prove to mom her assumptions was ridiculous.

    Once it was done i heard the man telling my mom that 'thing' wasnt a dangerous one and he had thrown 'it' away.

    What came into me was amazing. I became a diff person almost immediately. I felt peace in my heart, it was so new to me. There was no anger nor hate. The feeling was amazing. Till now, i cldnt believe it. I was glad mom did what she did. She helped me.

  20. Five years ago my house burnt down in England and my boyfriend died in the fire after the fire i moved to Singapore to leave the bad memories behind and start fresh about three years later, I met a new guy and then we moved in together about a year after meeting. We hang up lot's pictures of us together when we first met and got settled in and about three nights into living together, we heard a sound which sounded like someone trying to open the front door but couldn't get in But every time we went to check there was nothing there and the door was locked. The next night we heard foot steps coming up the stairs and our bedroom door slightly opened but we thought nothing of it at the time until the next night to same thing happened but the door opened fully and then slammed shut again, this alarmed me and my boyfriend and then we decided to hang up Buddha statues around the house and this only seemed to make matters worse as the events happened to be more occurring. About a month this events happened they all stopped and then three months after that my boyfriend asked me to marry him and I said yes and we were very happy. That week the events started happening again but this time we heard loud bangs on the walls. On a wall down stairs the while wall was filled with photos of us together and one night when we were in bed, we heard large bangs and glass smashing and glass shattering, then we went down stairs to see what had happened and all the photos were on the ground and in every photo my fiance had been ripped out and his face crossed off with a scratch. We them called my grandmother and she said that this was a haunting from my boyfriend that died in the fire but i still had a piece of him with me which was a photo of him in my wallet, i straight a way got the photo and burnt it and from then on we have no had any events like this happen to us!


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