ClubCouture Fashion Shoot

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a fashion shoot.
The first step is to get the models ready with hair and make-up. This is my favourite step! And most vital! It can really make or break the shoot. If the make up is done well, not only will it photograph well but you feel good and look confident too. The make-up style for this shoot was smokey eyes and pale lips.
Next, there is the wardrobe. ClubCouture brought suitcases of clothes from their latest collection. I absolutely loooove the black lace dress they picked out for me. It's now sold out, but fret not, there's a similar long-sleeved piece here.
And then... waiting... waiting... :)
Then after all that preparation and waiting, you go in front of the camera and shoot! It helps when you know the mood/feel the pictures should have. And I love it when a photographer barks instructions at me. More profile, left, right, hold it there, chin up... etc etc. Why? Because I can't see myself through the viewfinder, so I trust his eyes and judgement.

Of course the model must also be aware of her best angles and take the initiative to come up with spontaneous poses. Don't worry, if the pose doesn't look good, you'll soon know because suddenly you don't hear him clicking anymore. haha. FAIL!

It was a fun shoot, all the girls enjoyed themselves.

There are 7
ClubCouture ambassadors for 2010. (Click for larger image) (From left to right) Agri Velt, Karen, me, Huirong, Jeanine Gabrielle, Melissa Faith Yeo & Rachel Kum.


Like my outfit? One lucky reader will get this dress in size S!

All you have to do is pick out a dress and one accessory (can be bag or jewellery etc) from the ClubCouture website that you think best suits my style.

Email ( your name(or nickname) and the 2 links (or product names of the dress and accessory) to me by this Saturday, 30th Jan (2300hrs)!

I'll pick one winner based on the combi (dress+ accessory) I like best! Will announce the winner the next day, in my Sunday Lemmings post!


P/S- the code for 15% off is still HOLLYJ15 (valid for 1 time use)

Free delivery on all orders (for limited time only!)


  1. Anonymous5:05 am

    Hj was rachel kum super hot in person??

  2. :) actually I didn't know she was Rachel kum when we were at the shoot.

    yes, I'm so bloody ignorant.

    Only realised when I got the list of names of all the ambassadors.

    all the girls were hot and nice ppl, including rachel of course.

  3. Anonymous6:27 am

    ur make up's gorgeous and u look amazing in the shots! Stunning.

  4. geeeeee... the Nikon color was making you gals look so pale.


    woW~! ...and your disclaimer was LOUD ...does it really that hot cakes and many people had grab those photos?

    anyway, nice posts ... it was fun to read~

    chill out~

  5. @alphaAce

    my disclaimer is not loud. it's right at the end of the blog and it's just a standard disclaimer protecting my blog material. Nothing extra fancy, so I' not sure wat ur on about.. plus laughing your ass of over it as well... hmmm.. totally unnecessary reaction :s

    and the disclaimer has been there for years, not as if I am so pretentious tht i suddenly put it there cos i tink my clubcouture pics will be grabbed like hot cakes.

    with regards to the pics looking a bit pale.. i actually agree with u on tht one. but i don't know the technicalities behind photography.. so I can't really comment. (i don't even know wat u mean by nikon colour) :)

  6. Hey Alpha Ace,

    it is important to put a disclaimer on a blog, or for that matter on any intellectural work be it artistic, literary or dramatic.

    This means that, in this case, the writer has exclusive rights over what she has produced.

    This prevents a reader like, say, you from copy and pasting all the content into another blog space and calling it your own.

  7. Just to correct my spelling mistake before I get pounced on: intellectual, not intellectural

  8. Anonymous3:28 pm

    i think the shots are really nice. The 'pale' look actually gives off a more vampish and high fashion look imho.

  9. chill out~ take it easy

    the blog was not belongs to me it was great to be whatever it is.

    Photography was an individual expression, so it can be in any style of perception.

    Me laughing like joker might be a bit over ...but that is me.

    Jess sounds a bit over protective and too mindful of words being used. I may understand even minor error on spelling, guess you mind it a lot.
    just be coOL, need not to be that kiasu over matters.

    Respect to you girls.

  10. Anonymous11:22 pm

    dunno wat toking u.

  11. hahahahaha i second that. Its like HUH??

  12. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Why is the alpha-ace dude to patronising and antagonistic. There is a word for his behaviour, but I can't find it - any idea?

  13. Anonymous7:05 pm

    I think it's asshole.

  14. Anonymous3:39 am

    hahahahhahaah.... I honestly think he s just trying to act cool and know-it-all but it really sounds crap and stupid. Cmon he uses the wrong words and half of his explanations are in greek.

    I cant think of one word, i can think of two - TALK COCK.


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