The Best Things In Life

... are free. (or quite cheap!)

My mom and dad have a new hobby that they do together every week. In Pasir ris, there's a field. And every weekend, the street is lined with cars, and people fly their kites.(That's Dad setting up his red bat, mom hates having her pic taken)

It started out with one lonesome person flying his kite there one hot afternoon a month ago, and then a few more (my parents included) started to buy kites and start flying... but now, it's quite a sight! Every weekend, the sky is filled with kites of all shapes and sizes. It's beautiful.
The photo doesn't really do the real scene any justice, the kites were so high up that they look like dots in the pics.


But that's what inspired today's post.

What are the simple pleasures in life that you enjoy?

Here's my list of free/cheap things that give me so much pleasure. And when possible, I'm giving you the links too so you can share my simple pleasures :) ... ok.. all together now... *thank you HJ!*

(In random order)
Holly Jean's Top 10 Simple Pleasures in Life

10. Getting freebies .I honestly don't know of anyone who gets more joy out of it than me. I'm always delighted to open packages of free samples from fr3b. I take the little vials of perfume, mini bottles of shampoo, etc with me when I gym/ swim/ travel... I never run out of stuff !
If you love sampling stuff too, u can join for free :)

9. Getting an Inbox full of email. (And hopefully only few of them are junk/spam). I check my email like 5 times a day at least... so it doesn't really get a chance to build up. But when I've had a very busy day, or can't get the internet (for instance I'm on a flight somewhere), and I don't check my email for a day. My face actually lights up when I see like 70 messages waiting for me in my inbox. For me, it's like opening Christmas presents!

8. Watching Cougar Town online late late at night, in bed with a box of KFC chicken drumlets and a glass of mango yoghurt juice. I go to this site to watch the episodes for free.
I always fall asleep without brushing my teeth when I do this though... and half way through the night, I'd actually wake up and be slightly alarmed that I just ate chicken and didn't brush my teeth and they would start rotting in my sleep. But of course, by then I'd be too lazy to get up.

7. Realizing I Have More Time to Sleep – I love it when I wake in the morning, feeling well rested and then I squint to look at my phone clock and realize it's like only 6 am and I still have 2 more hours to sleep. A warm, contented and happy feeling shoots through me as I glide back to dreamland.

6. Happy Smells. For some people it's freshly baked bread... or the smell of cut grass... or the smell of the sea breeze. For me, my happy smells are : the hot sugary smell from a cotton candy spinning machines and freshly shampoo-ed hair (my own).

5. Finishing my last exam paper. I've spent A LOT of years in school (and I don't mean as a teacher)... but from pri sch, sec sch, junior college, uni and post grad... that's a lot of exams to sit for! I remember one of the best feelings I could get back then, was everytime I cleared the last paper for the year. When I hear the "Time is up. Pens down." It's like... utter euphoria. Whooohoooo! I'm burning my books!

4. Being in love. And to be loved back, of course. 

3. Hearing my favourite song on the radio. Current favourite song is still Jason Mraz's I'm Yours. 

2. Early Morning Swim. 
Too bad my laziness keeps me from swimming more often.

1. Looking Through Old Photos. I may not have had particularly a long and eventful life yet. But I do like to reminsce. One of my regrets is throwing out all my teenage diaries. I kept them diaries from the ages of 15 to 21. But a couple of years ago, I read some of them and realised, that I had been so brutally honest in those diaries, that I would be embarrassed for anyone else to read them now. I had a lot of dirty little secrets. So I dumped all of them. Oh well, what's done is done. At least I still have my photos. :) And one day, I hope I can have my whole blog printed and bound into a book.


  1. lying on a tanning bench by the pool at night, listening to the bubbling of water and feeling the breeze and watching the clouds roll by

    walking through botanic garden, you can feel the temperature actually drop

    sitting by the sea at ECP

    watching House, Bones, Lie to me, Mentalist

    Looking through old photos and feeling nostalgic

    swmiming (i hate going to the gym)

    dozing in the jacuzzi

    lying in bed reading a good book


  2. hey holly,

    totally agree! i LOVE checking my emails too!! that's always the first thing i do every morning & when i get home.

    am practically obsessed (:

  3. Anonymous1:10 am

    I'm the opposite... happiness for me is when I open my email inbox and there's no emails there.


  4. I agreed with number 3 and 1! "P

    To add on
    Simple Pleasures:
    - holding hands with me hubby
    - surprise flowers
    - seeing my baby smile (I think this so far is the top one for me!)

  5. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Hey do you mind showing me the step-by-step process of downloading those movies? At that webby? Cos I'm not sure if you're suppose to click on those links or click on the ones that says 'dl this movie'. I would appreciate if you can help, I'm quite a newbie at this kinda stuff:)

  6. I dont download.. i just watch it (streaming).

    Just click on a title/episode for instance , " Season 1: Episode 1: Pilot [zshare] " and then the episode will stat playing :)

    usually I'll click pause first and let it buffer a bit so my viewing wont be interupted. Kinda like youtube.

  7. taking Kayla for really long walks
    (but at times i get lazy....)

    receiving Kayla after her grooming session

    watching Glee! Bones, Supernatural,CSI, Criminal Minds, Fringe...

    Having an inspirational moment

    looking at stars

    helping someone with his/her dog

    saving a puppy



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